Don’t Forget Today’s Radio Free Geneva!

Don’t forget! Today’s program is a special Radio Free Geneva featuring the examination of Steve Gregg’s presentations on Calvinism, in particular, on John 6:37 and Romans 9:19-20. Be listening! Here’s a bit of a preview. Steve Gregg comments on Romans 1:18 and the suppression of truth. Notice that not all men suppress the truth! Some are inclined toward it! This is one of the fundamental differences between Gregg’s synergism (strongly semi-Pelagian) and biblical monergism, for Paul’s argument is not that some suppress the truth in unrighteousness but all do so (as he concludes in Romans 3:10-18). Failure to appreciate the deadness of man in sin (along with the difference between God’s prescriptive will and His eternal decree) cripples Gregg’s criticisms of Reformed theology.

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