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Ergun Caner’s Summer Reading List

Ergun Caner posted a picture of the books he’s reading over the summer.  I found it…interesting.  Whosoever Will is old, so I figured Caner would have been feasting off that one long ago.  And I may have to pick up Violated Online myself, given the behavior of Caner’s online henchmen!  But given Caner’s frivolous lawsuits […]

On the DL Today: Ergun Caner, and Seven Bible Verses We Need to Know and Be Able To Proclaim

Today on the Dividing Line we reviewed the judge’s decision in the second of Ergun Caner’s sinful lawsuits, and rejoiced to see the judge ransacking the thesaurus to come up with such terms as “ludicrous,” “astounding,” “outlandish” and “bizarre.”  Hooza!  Well done.  Spin that, Lumpy!  Then we moved to this article and explained why we […]

Can a Non-Marriage Experience Divorce? And Ergun Caner on Mormonism

Started off with a bit of a discussion on Eugene Robinson’s “divorce” and how a non-marriage’s “divorce” cannot be viewed in the same way as a true marriage’s end.  Then we moved on to listen to Ergun Caner, from 2005, absolutely destroy Mormonism—not in a proper apologetic fashion, but by his own unique style of ridiculous […]