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Press Release Regarding Dr. Lee Carter’s Prejudiced Attacks Upon Christian Students

PRESS RELEASE Glendale Community College Professor Identifies Christians as the “Religiously Insane,” Tells Christian Students Their Parents Lied to Them; Says Christians Would Nail Jesus to the Cross if He Came Back    Dr. Lee Carter, a philosophy instructor at Glendale Community College, said the following to his class on October 25, 2007: And in fact, […]

A Second Open Letter to Dr. Lee Carter

Dear Dr. Carter:    On September 21 I posted an Open Letter to you and informed you of its appearance by e-mail. On September 25thyou made reference to people who e-mail you and challenge you to debate in your class, and hence I assume you received the previous e-mails. You have chosen to not so much […]

Dr. Carter Responds

   Many have been asking about any developments in the situation my daughter Summer encountered in having a philosophy professor who accused her parents of “lying” to her regarding the authorship of the gospels (though, of course, he hasn’t a clue what she was taught on the subject to begin with: Carter assumes everyone who believes […]

An Open Letter to Dr. Lee Carter

Dear Dr. Carter:    I have had the privilege of teaching for the past sixteen years, and am thankful for every opportunity I have to stand before a class of students. It is an honor, but it is truly a privilege as well, one to be taken very seriously.    It is my understanding that during your […]