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An Early Morning Riding Picture

Haven’t posted a lot of pictures from my early morning rides recently, but as I came around the bend on the climb up to the Dobbins Lookout in South Mountain Park this morning I had to stop and take this shot. Always thankful for the health to be out there (206 miles with over 10,000 ft. of ascent this week), and during our monsoon season, thankful for the gorgeous sunrises! Of course, isn’t the old saying, “Red morning, sailor’s warning?” Hmmm!

Transcription Request

I once again have need of some help with transcription, specifically, of the comments made in a presentation that would assist me in preparation for upcoming debates. If you do that kind of thing and would be willing to help, please let us know through the contact link. Thank you!

Today on the Dividing Line

By the time I got to the DL today I had already done three hours on the air, so I can’t make too many claims for how coherent I was! Covered a lot of topics in the first half hour before returning to reviewing Bashir Vania’s comments in his debate with Jay Smith.

And don’t forget the WayBack Machine, streaming Dividing Lines from 1998 onward 24/7! You can listen on the Flash Player found here.

Ministry Resource Item

There is a single item on the MRL right now, but it’s one that has become needed suddenly in light of totally unexpected circumstances, to be sure. Seems I will be engaging in a debate on the subject in December, but, with London and South Africa and Canada taking up all of October, I need to be working “way ahead of the headlights” if you know what I mean. Thanks to all who help in this way.

A Lot of Topics on a Jumbo Tuesday Dividing Line

Let’s see…we talked about Desmond Tutu rejecting a “homophobic God,” the Pope’s comments on homosexuality, the PCUSA’s rejection of the wrath of God, the ongoing attack upon the freedoms of Christian soldiers in the military, Reza Aslan’s book, “Zealot,” and then finally we got to Bashir Vania’s opening statement in a debate with Jay Smith. Something for everyone—sort of!