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GracePointe Collapse, Bruce Jenner Believes a Lie, and Leighton Flowers Reduces Compatibilism to a Shadow of Itself

Today we looked briefly at the collapse of the GracePointe Church in Tennessee on the issue of biblical morality and standards, transitioning directly into the Bruce Jenner story.  That laid the foundation for replying to Leighton Flowers’ accusation that a compatibilist such as myself cannot consistently speak to homosexuality.

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Radio Free Geneva: Shawn McCraney and Eric Hankins

radio-free-button-2Today on the first Radio Free Geneva of 2015 I started off with a brief look at some of the exchange between Pastor Jason Wallace of the OPC in Salt Lake City and Shawn McCraney.  Then I moved directly to a full review of Dr. Eric Hankins’ lecture at a recent conference, ostensibly on Unconditional Election, but actually on the topic of compatibilism and libertarian freedom. Had the opportunity to delve into theodicy, etc.

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Roman Catholicism on Today’s Dividing Line

Started off reviewing a call on Catholic Answers Live regarding Purgatory, providing a bit more information than was offered by Jimmy Akin.  Then we watched a clip with Ravi Zacharias answering a question about Roman Catholicism, briefly played William Lane Craig on original sin, and then finished up with the famous cross-examination of Peter Stravinskas on 1 Cor. 3.

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Monday Miscellaneous

Well, we got back into the Holiness Code series at PRBC yesterday.  The morning sermon was preparatory to the evening.  I wanted to lay a foundation for the specific laws given in Leviticus 18:6-23, and I also wanted to give folks a warning about the subject matter of the next section we were going to hit.  Of course, these verses have always been there in the Bibles we all carry with us to church, but rare is the time when we venture to really tackle what is said in those verses.  And I will tell you, it wasn’t easy to start working through those laws Sunday night.  I ended at an awkward spot, too, having gone longer than we normally do anyway.  And yes, as I fully expected, I struggled to find a way to express my thoughts in a sermon form.  I have been concerned from the start that this kind of material defies a sermon format: it is much easier to simply “teach” these sections.  But, we press on.

In other news, I commented briefly on the new scandal erupting in the otherwise quiet woods of southern Georgia in the wake of the sudden resignation of Ergun Caner, here.  Sadly, I have a feeling the next few months will shed a great deal of light on that situation.  Stay tuned.

Tomorrow on the DL I will be focusing on Roman Catholicism.  I will be playing a clip from Jimmy Akin where he attempts to give guidance on how to approach the topic of purgatory.  Then I wish to play a clip from…Ravi Zacharias.  Yes, I have great respect for Dr. Zacharias and his ministry.  But he was asked a question about Roman Catholicism.  I think a contrast between his answer, and mine, would be very educational and helpful to people thinking through this subject.  In preparation, here is the clip: