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Dr. Michael Brown vs Dr. James White – Plus a team Debate TBD

Feb 14, 7pm on the campus of Southern Evangelical Seminary ( – James White will meet Michael Brown in a friendly debate over the topic of predestination.

Then, on Feb 16, starting at 7pm, James White debates Shadid Lewis, and at 8pm Michael Brown debates James Tabor, third hour will be round-table discussion.

Today on the Dividing Line: Secularism’s Totalitarianism

Today I launched into a discussion of the background of the term “secularism” and the fact that today’s aggressive version, which has infected Western culture, is totalitarian in nature. There can be no neutrality from its view, or ours. I then walked through a graphic blog presentation of why we should adopt homosexual marriage.

Today on The Dividing Line – The Deity of Christ in John and an examination of Unitarian Presuppositions

Yes, there WAS a Dividing Line episode today… and you missed it, didn’t you? Well, today Dr. White examined the writings of Patrick Navas a unitarian and countered with the clear teaching of the New Testament regarding the deity of Christ.

James starts out responding to anti-trinitarian book by Patrick Navas. He points out how dogmatic Patrick is when he criticizes Trinitarians for being “dogmatic”.

He then discusses the prologue of John and John Ch. 5. (HT to Algo)