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James White’s Colorado Speaking Schedule

July 9th, Sunday, Littleton Bible Chapel, Sunday morning and Sunday evening.

July 10th, 7:00pm  A Grace Place Church The Christian vs. Atheist worldview in an open forum.

July 12 6:30pm Central Baptist Church  29 Del Mar Circle Aurora, CO. 80011 Speaking on Islam (in the Worship Center).

July 16 9:30am Bible Study and 10:30am Morning Service South Boulder Bible Church  The importance of the Reformation.


How could our culture in less than 50 years move to affirm Gay Marriage? Epistemology.

Pastor Dan Caffese guests hosts today.

We might wonder how our American culture in the space of only 50 years could go from a small minority affirming gay marriage to a majority. What underlies such a rapid change is the epistemological changes which have taken place during the last 50 years. We don’t answer questions like, “how do I know what I know” and “how do I know what is true” as our parents and grandparents did. Three means of confronting the post-modern thinking of our culture are discussed.

Here is the YouTube link: