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Confronting the Culture of Death

Pastor Jeff Durbin, of Apologia Church, took over the Dividing Line. Jeff spends time discussing the history of the Pro-life movement and his own personal history of getting involved in ministry at the abortion-mills. He plays through a clip of an encounter he had while ministering outside of a clinic in Tempe and he talks a bit about how he believes we should move forward as local churches in this area. You can get more information at

Here is the YouTube link:

Preacher: Preach the Word (Part 2)

Pastor John Samson ( & returns to guest host today’s Dividing Line broadcast and continues his teaching on expository preaching. How the Bible is handled in a service often reveals far more about a church’s true beliefs regarding Scripture, rather than a statement of faith found on a website. Today’s teaching is a summons to make God’s word central in the life and ministry of the church.

In the video John refers to “homework.” You can find that here:

Here is the YouTube link: