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No Creator, No Humanity, or, Of Apes and Men

Had to tackle the gorilla story, along with the “I decided to live as a goat” story, all illustrative of what happens when your society spits in God’s face and goes it alone.  Then talked a little about ReformCon this week and what I will be addressing, and finished up with a bit of a discussion about the exposure of my “hypocrisy” this past weekend.

Please note that we will be doing the DL again tomorrow, as I will be at ReformCon on Thursday and Friday.  I intend to start the program at 4pm EDT (1pm MST).  Hope to see you then!

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Various Articles and Open Phones on the Dividing Line

Started off with various articles that I’ve collected, one by a Roman Catholic taking cheap shots at me, others on the continuing degradation of our society and the rise of totalitarianism.  Then we opened up the phones and took calls on such subjects as the regulative principle of worship (actually got into the exclusive psalmody and instruments in worship debate a bit), theological liberalism, Islam and Paradise, and OT sacrifices.  Enjoy!

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The Gospel of Thomas (1-39), Abortion Zealots, and the Ligonier Christology Statement

Started off reading the Gospel of Thomas, and got through the first 39 “verses.”  A bit hard to do “Story time with Grandpa Jimmy” today due to the onset of my annual allergies/asthma/theresatonofstuffintheairnow thing.  But we will finish it up later.  Then I played a video of interviews with abortion zealots outside the Supreme Court that is simply beyond words.  And then we finished up the hour with a brief discussion of the Ligonier Statement on Christology that came out a few weeks ago.  Enjoy!

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Two Articles on Homosexuality, the Profaning of Marriage, and the Church

Decided to do a little more review of the Karen Swallow Prior article in Christianity Today so as to shed some light on the language it uses, and the compromise it presents, and also to try to redeem some of the fury that has been ignited over the P&P article about her.  So much dust has been thrown in the air that very little positive progress in dealing with the over-all subject has taken place.  Hopefully this can nudge at least a few people out of the emotion-filled trench lines and back into something more useful.  Then I moved on to an article by Graeme Codrington that is directly, unabashedly promotional of the complete revision of Christian sexual ethics and, therefore, of the gospel itself.  I reviewed the article and then contrasted the two articles as well.  Hopefully helpful to most in our audience!

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A Mega Size Dividing Line: Matthew Vines, NT Wright, Yusuf Ismail, and More

Going almost a full two hours today was pretty easy, given how much I needed to catch up on!  Did nearly a full hour on Matthew Vines’ comments about me from a recent Google video, then played a clip from NT Wright on predestination and election, then I addressed my Muslim friends, and finished up going back to the issue of homosexuality and a compromising church.  A little something for everyone!

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