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Skype Dividing Line from Evergreen, Colorado

I guess the single theme of today’s Dividing Line was: let’s interact with the world with gentleness and reverence since, well…the Bible commands us to do so.  Thoughts on the development of the “fundamentalist mindset,” a little look at the attitude expressed by “Truth Defenders,” and more.  Enjoy!

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Colossians 3 in P46, Hagmann’s Take on the Dialogue, Beginning of Review/Response to Abu Zakariya

Started off with some thoughts based upon Colossians 3 (looking at P46 as our basis), and then moved on to consider the “dark underside of the Christian web” in light of recent attacks and smears upon the ministry.  Then we started looking at Abu Zakariya’s new book, Jesus: Man, Messenger, Messiah (Iera).

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Screenshot Insanity

Showed a number of screenshots from the many folks attacking us at this point in time and went through them, mainly focusing upon the sad reality of bias, prejudice, and simply bigotry in the “Christian” community.  A rather full refutation of the scandalous charges of certain internet apologists and in particular Brannon Howse.

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Bernie Sanders and Brannon Howse: You Won’t Believe What They Have in Common! Click Here!

Started off with the clip of Bernie Sanders demonstrating that he does not believe Christians have any place in American society.  Well, that’s pretty much standard for socialist secularists. But then we began an hour and a half response to Brannon Howse and guests.  Yesterday an hour long hit piece was posted attacking me for dialoguing with Dr. Yasir Qadhi back in January. As is normal with the rhetoric from certain quarters, misrepresentation and slander abound as Howse stumbles and bumbles through the topic—a problem he might not have had if he had bothered to do even the most basic level of research and study (let alone utilized just a bit of fairness).  But once again it has been made clear: the motivations some have for engaging Muslims fall far, far short of biblical standards.

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