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Steve Camp on BTWN: Reviewed and Refuted

Took the time to play portions of Steve Camp’s appearance on The Bible Thumping Wingnut and provided a rather full response to his arguments, or, in most cases, non-arguments regarding ministry to Muslims, apologetics, gospel presentation, etc.  IF YOU ARE TIRED OF THIS TOPIC, SKIP THIS EPISODE.  But there are some pretty important issues covered here.

Here is the YouTube link:

Report on Trip to Birmingham, South Africa, and London, Along with More

Covered my two weeks overseas with lots of side-trips and commentary on related issues, and toward the end focused upon some issues that came up in my debate with Zakir Hussein on the crucifixion, especially John 17:5 and Psalm 22:16.  Also showed off a new Bible, a Polish translation of The Roman Catholic Controversy, my Bates hat from London, and the upgrading of the DL to full warp power!  Lots of stuff on a 90+ minute episode today.

Here is the YouTube link:

Meme Day on the Dividing Line

Showed a bunch of memes today and interacted with them, mainly on Islamic issues.  Then read two brief articles from Bassam Zawadi, also from Facebook, and interacted with them.  Wide variety of topics, actually, hopefully helpful to more than just those who engage in ministry to Muslims.  Enjoy!

I also mentioned toward the end of the program the sermon I preached yesterday morning at PRBC for the younger generation.  I include it immediately below.

Here is the YouTube link:

Just Can’t Argue with the Video

My sincere thanks to Justin Bullington for putting together this short video that simply decimates the false narrative spun by Steve Camp, Janet Mefferd, Brannon Howse, and their followers.  Needed to be done, now here it is.  Putting the actual words right next to the misrepresentations and spin is VERY effective—at least for those with ears to hear, anyway.

Update 8/7/2017:
An improved version was posted today so I have updated the link. RP