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Scripture Memorization etc.

2017 Bible Reading Plan — Read the Gospels Every Day

It is about that time of the year when we are introduced to creative ways to read our Bible for the next calendar year. Did you do it this year?

This is my ninth year encouraging others to take each day of the year to read and reflect on a single unit in the Gospels. Did you know there are about 365 units in the Gospels?

In the past, I cited five good reasons to own a Gospel Synopsis. The fifth reason is:

Read a synopsis in one year by reading one pericope [a gospel unit] every day. By coincidence, the synopsis contains 367 pericopes. That is, all four Gospels combined contain 367 units.

Get the following edition soon before the first of year so you are ready to go: Synopsis of the Four Gospels

Wood, Qureshi, Dunn

Started off announcing tomorrow’s show with Jeff Durbin, and playing a few clips reminding folks that yes, in fact, the “meme” over the past few weeks has in fact been, “Hey, those Apologia guys held a beer and tattoo fund raiser, and that’s foolishness.”  Then I moved over to the David Wood response to Seth Dunn regarding Nabeel Qureshi.  I interacted with the video while at the same time illustrating that, yes, believe it or not, Christians can disagree and remain Christians.  Hopefully useful!

Here is the YouTube link:

Psalm 101:3 and Worthless Things on Today’s DL

Sort of wandered all over the landscape today, starting off with comments from Psalm 101:3 and branching off into the topic of Christian worldview, unity, etc.  I had been on the Calvinist Batman podcast the hour before and had been asked about unity amongst Christians despite differences, etc.  I was going to continue on to other topics but, alas….  We will do the next program on Thursday at 1pm EST and hopefully will be joined by Rudolph Bushoff to discuss the VERY soon coming trip to South Africa and London and our continued need for assistance (click here to help!).

Here is the YouTube link:

Teaching Children to Love and Know the Truth

On Saturday, January 30, 2016 Lebanon Presbytery Church, Abbeville, SC will host a special seminar on “Teaching Children to Know and Love the Truth.” The event will include a lecture from the speaker, who will be live online, and also time to interact with the speaker.

Guest Speaker, Mr. Ozzie Osgood. Mr. Osgood is currently serving as Assistant Pastor at First Baptist Church of Troy, Pennsylvania. He earned a BS from Lancaster Bible College and a M.Div. from Westminster Theological Seminary. Ozzie directs Reflections, a home school ministry of the Church that assists families to “image God in education.” In addition to being a private tutor, Ozzie also tutors high school students with Classical Conversations, and works with students as a camp director and athletic coach. He and his wife Angie have four sons.

The seminar will be held in the Fellowship Hall of the church, 698 Mount Carmel Road, Abbeville from 9am-10:30am. A small breakfast will also be available before the seminar begins at 8:30am.

The seminar is free and open to the public, but seating is limited and a count on the number of guests is desired. Please call or Email the church to reserve your seat (864) 446-2247;

Tell others if you wouldn’t mind. Lord willing, the topic next month: “Why Keep the Old (Testament) When We Have the New (Testament)?”