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Archbishop of Canterbury Can’t Answer Direct Questions, More on the I Am Sayings of Jesus

Snuck a quick DL in today, covering Justin Welby’s inability to answer a direct question on the nature of sin, and then spending most of our time continuing the discussion of the I Am sayings of Jesus in light of the comments of Craig Evans and Mike Licona.  Hope it is helpful!

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Live Video Stream
The Dividing Line is on YouTube video. Our YouTube channel also provides videos of most of the debates that Dr. White has done over the years. Take some time and browse it to see if there is something there of interest to you. If you are looking for the next upcoming show be sure to subscribe to the blog as we post show announcements the morning of the show.

Horrible Arguments for the Roman Priesthood, Did Jesus Say the I Am Statements?

Started off covering a Catholic Answers article trying to find “clues” to the Roman priesthood in the Bible.  Then moved on to the main topic, that being the discussion of whether Jesus said the “I am” statements as per the Craig Evans/Bart Ehrman discussion, and Mike Licona’s commentary thereon last week.  Resulted in an in-depth discussion of inspiration especially in light of Ijaz Ahmad’s comments on the topic on Facebook.  100 minute long program today.

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How Theology Determines Apologetics, and So Much More

Over two hours today (someone stop me!), starting with a few miscellaneous items (one of thanks for a gift sent to me, one in response to some Hebrew Israelite camps), and then moving to a section from Dr. Turek’s book.  Then we presented  a comparison of how Dr. Turek answered the question of evil in a debate with David Silverman, and how I answered the exact same question, also in debate with Silverman.  A very useful comparison!  Then we finally got to Andy Stanley’s sermon from last Sunday, once again listening carefully and responding point by point.  Over two hours of pretty intense stuff!  Please remember there will be no Dividing Lines next week.  We hope to be back on 9/20!

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Get Ready: Two and a Half Hour Long Dividing Line

There were three major topics on the DL today (after the opening discussion of some urgent situations where the people of God need to bring certain issues before the throne of grace): first, an article published today on Revelation 16:5 and the Textus Receptus; then, a rather lengthy review of Andy Stanley’s sermon from Sunday on the Bible and Christianity.  About 2/3 of the way through we were joined by Dr. Tony Costa on the phone, but we pressed on and finished the sermon, commenting as we went along.  And then in the last half hour or so Tony and I discussed the double standards so often used by Islamic apologists.  Two and a half hours long!  Have the days of hour long Dividing Lines ended?  Tune in next week to find out!

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KJVO Discussion, the Pope Escapes His Handlers Again, Debate Tomorrow, the Trinitarian Controversy

Covered a WIDE range of topics today.  Started off expressing our deep condolences to Tony Bartolucci and his family in the death of his daughter Giana.  Then we discussed the debate we will be doing tomorrow at 4pm with representatives of the Hebrew Israelite movement.  Moved from there to a discussion of Jeremiah 34:16 and Romans 13:9 and King James Onlyism.  Then we discussed the Pope escaping his handlers again and proclaiming live-in cohabitations valid marriages, and finally spent a good half an hour or more on the “Eternal Functional Subordination” controversy, spending some time reading from Reymond’s Systematic Theology as well.  A wide variety of topics, to be sure!

I mentioned some links I was going to include to K. Scott Oliphint’s discussions of the assets of the Son.  They are found here and here.

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