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New World Order Bible Versions!

Tomorrow on the Dividing Line I am going to address the new trailer for “New World Order Bible Versions.” Take a look at it:

Now, I will be providing the context for part of the video, where they have, obviously, attempted to make it look like I walked out of the interview. Of course, I made sure we recorded the entire thing because we, sadly, had to suspect this kind of misrepresentation. That actually came after hours of discussion (in fact, I’d challenge Anderson and his people to release the entirety of the interview—let the viewers decide!) and the context was Anderson’s wild belief that the inconsistencies of the King James Version are actually grounds for doctrinal belief, specifically, in this case, the idea that Jesus went to hell for three days as a “burnt offering”! It became so ridiculous, and was so far removed from serious theology or exegesis, that I called an end to it (after nearly 3 hours—I will get the specific times tomorrow when I look at the sound file), especially in light of how agitated Anderson was becoming.

But, more importantly, take a look at the comments on this video. They are utterly amazing. Not only the vitriol and venom, but the utter incoherence of many of the writers is very telling.

Butler Explains Chris Pinto and Brannon Howse’s Bias

There is so much in Fred Butler’s article worthy to excerpt here (read it all), but here is a good point:

“Chris Pinto is going into David Barton territory with his Thomas Jefferson stuff. If I recall correctly, Brannon Howse has taken David Barton to task on that subject as well as posted articles by others. Well, here we have another guy who is spinning history to promote a particular agenda. His errors in misrepresenting the historical facts have been documented, and yet, both men dismiss it out of hand.”