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Pinto’s Blunders – Part 2

Brannon Howse’s “Worldview Weekend” contributor Chris Pinto was recently duped by a satire news site.

It is hilarious, but sad. It shows the pattern of Chris Pinto relying on dubious sources to further his conspiracy theory.

“Another fascinating bit of evidence that gives us a peak into the conspiratorialist mindset of Chris Pinto involves the missing August 5, 2013 episode of Noise of Thunder. In that episode, Pinto led off his program by reading and commenting on a news story that he believed was real but was in fact a satirical news story from, a competitor to The Onion.”

Responding to Chris Pinto’s Textus Receptus Onlyism

Chris Pinto of Noise of Thunder Radio holds to the conspiracy theory that Codex Sinaiticus is a 19th century forgery, a “Jesuit plot” to undermine the authority of Scripture with modern translations of the Bible.

Pinto’s agenda is to promote his Textus Receptus view, arguing that the TR is the textual tradition that goes back to the original manuscripts of the New Testament.

There is a problem though. There is no evidence. In fact, the evidence is that it is the Alexandrian textual tradition that is ancient, as I have written on here:

Evangelical Textual Scholar Debunks Chris Pinto’s Conspiracy Claim that Codex Sinaiticus was a “Forgery”

Daniel Wallace, who is one of the foremost Evangelical textual scholars today defending the trustworthiness of the Bible, for example, debating such liberals as Bart Erhman, makes some excellent points refuting the sensational and baseless claim that Codex Sinaiticus is a forgery.

Chris Pinto of Noise of Thunder Radio is peddling his egregiously biased documentary promoting his wacky conspiracy theory that Codex Sinaiticus was a 19th century forgery. Pinto has an agenda: He believes there is a “Jesuit conspiracy” to corrupt the Bible with modern Bible translations using the critical textual tradition. Yes, this is the same claim you find from the nutty extreme King James Only crowd.

Pinto is oddly promoted by Brannon Howse of Worldview Weekend. One wonders if Brannon Howse is even aware of the fact that Pinto is undermining the trustworthiness in the Bible versions that the vast majority of Howse’s followers use (e.g. NIV, ESV, NASB, NET, etc).

Perhaps Pinto thinks Wallace is a closet Jesuit!

Dan Wallace’s specific comments begin at 29:24.