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Newsletter List Update

Hey folks, we are working on refining our new contact listing. This morning we sent out our second announcement for the Dividing Line via the new email system. However, some have reported them landing in spam. If you signed up for the list but don’t see the email in your inbox please check your spam folder. If you see it there we need you to mark it “not spam.” Doing this will update our “reputation” with the servers that monitor these things.



Will You Stand with Us in 2018?

2018 will mark Alpha and Omega’s 35th anniversary in ministry. New cults are on the rise all around us. From the Black Hebrew Israelites to Iglesia Ni Cristo we have new work to do as well as keeping up with the work that has already been done and we need your help to do it. If you are already doing so we thank you from the bottom of our hearts. If not, would you please consider standing with Alpha and Omega financially?  A year end gift for 2017 as well as a monthly commitment with a re-occurring donation in 2018 will provide the means for us to give a proper answer to these new groups as we seek to honor our Lord with the message of grace and mercy that can only be found in the true and living Lord Jesus Christ.

Please, take a moment and donate at


Rich Pierce
Alpha and Omega Ministries

Preparing for Year End Donation Receipts

2017 is coming to an end and that means that tax time is right around the corner. If you have been donating to A&O but haven’t been receiving email receipts then I don’t have your email address. So, please take a moment and send me an email with your contact information and I will update your information in our system.

You can email me at


Stability, Order, Foundations, Adiaphora, and a Bible-Based Trip Down Memory Lane

Had more streaming problems today (yes, we are considering outside interference, but for now, there really isn’t much we can do about it) so we recorded the program again.  Spent most of the time looking at Colossians 2:5-7 and what it means to be stable, grounded, disciplined, and what this means in our present context.  Then we took a little walk down memory lane using Bibles from my library, Bibles going all the way back to my first Bible, given to me on my seventh birthday.  I don’t know when we will have another program, not because of the net issues, but because I leave next Tuesday for Germany.  It is doubtful I will have time to do much over there, but you never know!

Here is the YouTube link: