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A Mega RFG: Federal Headship Affirmed vs. “Traditionalist” Southern Baptist Denials

Started off with a fairly quick review of this past week’s ministry in Florida, including comments on the debates with Imam Muhammad Musri and Dr. Gregg Strawbridge.  Then we transitioned (about 22 minutes in) to a Radio Free Geneva!  Spent a lot of time in the text of Scripture dealing with federal headship, walking through especially Romans 5:12-19, and then, having done that, we listened to the important sections of the dialogue/non-debate between Malcolm Yarnell and Tom Ascol from BMA Seminary in Jacksonville, Texas, which took place last week.  Hopefully an important and useful two hours!

Here is the YouTube link:

Dr. D.C. Martin of Grand Canyon College: A Teacher, A Mentor, A Friend, A Christian

I told some of my story about this great man in the description on the YouTube video, and I won’t repeat that here.  DC Martin was a great Christian man.  He truly had a heart of gold.  He passed away in December of 1995.  Shortly thereafter we had a memorial for him at the college.  I sat in the old gym and watched this video and cried like a little child.  I’ve wanted to get this video for years and, finally, I tracked it down on an old VHS cassette.  I am very, very happy to post it here.  I was privileged to have DC as a teacher many times.  He taught me much, and if you have learned from me over the years, well…here’s one of the main influences on me.  Listen to his words of wisdom.

Yes, Perry, Hebrew Has Multiple Words that Mean “Command”; and Uber Confident Devin Rose Demands I Own a Time Machine

Spent most of the hour today analyzing Perry Noble’s Christmas Eve sermon—which he seems to believe he was commanded to preach by God in some revelatory fashion—wherein he gave us a new, improved, and oh so much more friendly set of Ten Commandments—now the Ten Promises.  All because some guy he knows in Israel told him there is no word for “command” in Hebrew.  Then we took a look at a video by Devin Rose, lay Roman Catholic apologist, wherein he claims he “destroyed” my book, Scripture Alone.  I was even proven guilty of dodging all of his arguments in his book!  Of course, my book was published ten years before his, but let’s not get picky here.  I then wrapped up and went directly onto The Line of Fire with Michael Brown, discussing NT textual issues.

Here is the YouTube link: