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Persecution of Christians Around the World

My Full Response to the Dr. Drew “After Show” Video

I honestly thought it would take about fifteen minutes to cover this three minute video.  I was, uh, wrong.  Big time.  Took the entire hour.  But, I wanted to respond to the comments made by Dr. Drew and his panelists (especially when one of them said I was insane) and hopefully in so doing demonstrate the utter emptiness of the secular worldview.  Hold onto your hats—if consistency is important to you, listening especially to these two young ladies can be a bit on the frustrating side!

Here is the YouTube link:

A Wide-Ranging, Important, Jumbo-Sized Dividing Line!

Started off commenting on a number of issues, such as the anti-Christian discrimination of the Mayor of Atlanta.  Discussed the radical Muslim murders in Paris, seeking once again to ask my serious Muslim friends to consider what it is about their faith that allows such things (it’s a spiritual issue—can Islam address it?), and I briefly responded to Jason Stellman as well.  Then I undertook to address a really tough issue, that being the problem of the Hebrew Massoretic text and the death of Goliath.  Get a deep seat in the saddle for this discussion, as I play a clip from a newly posted Sam Gipp video as the background.  Then, right as TurretinFan was going to join me to begin a discussion of Devin Rose’s book, The Protestant’s Dilemma, Rich interrupted me to let me know that Moody Radio had called.  I had been scheduled to debate Devin Rose Saturday morning at 8am CST on the program Up for Debate on the topic, “Can a Roman Catholic be evangelical?”  But Mr. Rose, despite his bravado (see below) in claiming his book “destroys” mine, pulled a “Brave Sir Robin” and informed them that he would not come on the program if I was the one with whom he would be debating.  So they chose to go with a Moody professor. Well, TurretinFan and I still did our review of the first portion of Rose’s book, and will continue to do so in future editions of the Dividing Line.  We just won’t expect any responses from Mr. Rose, who evidently is already aware he is wholly incapable of defending his published work.

Here is the YouTube link:

Devin Rose’s triumphalistic video, which now rings very, very hollow in light of his flight from an opportunity to press his case in a debate hosted on a national radio network:

The Vile Hate Mongering of Dan Savage

I posted the following on FaceBook earlier today together with this picture of a tweet by Dan Savage, the infamous promoter of immorality:

Screen Shot 2015-01-02 at 5.25.18 PM

This tweet by Dan Savage illustrates the very essence of the reprobate mind, it truly does. Josh Alcorn’s parents refused to pay to mutilate the body of their son in hopes that his sexual confusion could be addressed. How terrible! How horrible! They must be hated for daring to believe that it is wrong to mutilate bodies and pretend to be someone *God did not make you to be.* Never forget, folks: these people will NOT allow you to follow the commands of Christ. You are to be hated if you do. It is as simple as that. May God protect His own from evil men like Dan Savage and those who rally with him in their utter rejection of God’s ways.

Well, Savage sent his minions over to start posting simple insanity (and that is what it is) in the comments, so I had to privatize it.  So, since he can’t do that here, I am reposting it.

Screen Shot 2015-01-03 at 7.36.46 PM (2)

It is evil, morally evil, morally reprehensible, to attack Josh Alcorn’s parents for being 1) Christians, and 2) sane.  These moral monsters (Dan Savage and every single person calling for hatred of Josh’s parents, to the point of seeking their prosecution!) can barely cover their detestation of the gospel of Christ, godliness, and the Christian worldview; and when they join together in their celebration of evil, they lose all semblance of sanity. They are literally spewing hatred against people who refused to give in to a child’s delusional desires to mutilate himself.  Can you imagine that? The moral insanity of it is shocking—well, it should be shocking, but in this upside down day where good is evil and evil is good, it isn’t anymore. Fact check: there is no such thing as “transitioning.” No person born male will ever be a mother, will ever be a wife, will ever be a woman. And the attempt to create the myth, the appearance, involves the mutilating of a perfectly healthy body.  Just the amount of chemicals introduced into the body greatly increases risks of cancer, for example.  It is devastating.  The cost involved is incredible as well.  And even when this grossly unnatural, contra-nature process is completed (and it never really is, medically), the result is a damaged, non-functioning myth, not a woman.  And we wonder why there is a 20 fold increase in suicides amongst those who go through this horrific, immoral, absurd process?  So, we are supposed to hate Josh Alcorn’s parents for not allowing their minor child to do this?  Why don’t we blame the “trans-gender mythology makers” out there on the web who promised Josh a false make-believe panacea instead?  Well, that would make moral sense, so, we can’t go there!

Dan Savage must be justly rebuked for his shameful actions and irresponsible tweet.  I, for one, am not bullied by this kind of activist.  I well know that if he were to be put in a position of actually having to engage these issues in full-on, moderated, fair debate, his position would collapse. I would be happy to be the one to demonstrate that as well.

The Soft, Kind, Loving Face of Hate

Once the moral and ethical infrastructure of a meaningful worldview based upon our status as creatures of God is removed from the thinking of the human being, a vacuum develops. That vacuum, in today’s radically secularized world, is being filled with mind-numbing mantras uttered in complete disregard for their consistency or truthfulness. A population robbed of its creational foundation is easily led by those who can manipulate emotions, as history has proven many times. When we see language being emptied of its meaning and hatred being promoted through the use of deception and untruth, then we know we are dealing with the death-throes of a culture, one that will, of necessity, give way to another. Today we are forced to endure torrents of “politically correct” speech, filled with such terms as “inclusive” and “tolerant.” We see the ancient moral landmarks of the culture identified as “hateful” and “exclusivistic” and “discriminatory.” Yet it is a given that the most intolerant purveyors of hatred in our culture just happen to be the very ones screaming the loudest for tolerance and against hatred. The hypocrisy is so regular it is hardly even noticed, especially by the younger generation who, as faithful wards of the State, have been taught not how to think, but what to think. The result is frightening for those of us closer to the ends of our lives than the beginnings, and for our children and grandchildren, the result will be catastrophic.


I truly hesitate to promote this video, for at the time of this writing, it has hardly been noticed, with only 1,650 views. It was sent to me via Twitter, and the one who sent it to me said it was a promoted video. Those who think logically and rationally cannot find the video compelling. It is a rather blatant attempt to promote a viewpoint based upon an appeal to emotions without the provision of necessary factual and rational basis. It cannot be taken as a serious argument, but that’s the point: serious arguments have little weight any longer in our society.  If it moves your emotions it accomplishes its purposes, even if that purpose is evil.  In this case, the argument is so simplistic that, if you remove it from its emotional shell, it collapses on its own:  “You can’t call homosexuality wrong because that might offend homosexuals!  And some of them might be so offended they will harm themselves!” Once the argument is out in the open its true nature is easily seen. “Don’t have moral and ethical standards, because those who violate those standards might be offended!” We should all be offended at the very offering of such an argument, but there it is.

Any time someone does harm to themselves it is a tragedy, but shouldn’t the first question we ask be, “Might there be something intrinsically unnatural about homosexual orientation that may well lead those who suffer from such desires to be more likely to harm themselves?”  Evidently, that is a question we are no longer allowed to even ask. Instead we are faced with the amazing claim that if you identify a behavior as destructive and opposed to human flourishing (and clearly, homosexuality falls headlong into this category) you are filled with hate and should be silenced by that great amorphous arbiter of all things moral and true: “the society.” All one need do is remove the LGBT label and insert something else in its place, say, inter-generational sexual activity (plenty of folks saying that is a natural “orientation” now as well), or inter-species “love” (ditto), and the nature of this kind of non-argumentation becomes clear. It spells the onslaught of moral anarchy, the corpse of rational ethics and thought lying squarely on the altar of the greatest commandment of the Secular Society, “Thou shalt not offend…the protected groups that the elites say thou shalt not offend.” Offense of majority groups, of religious groups, of those groups outside the current sphere of approval from the Elites, is not only acceptable, but to be encouraged. Tolerance is a one-way street in the secular utopia. It is only relevant to the favored ones—whose favored status can be rescinded very, very quickly, depending on the whims of the Elites.

This video is designed to engender hatred toward anyone who will not bow the knee in abject obeisance to the great Secular Society, toward anyone who would dare to hold to objective morality and think with their minds rather than their adrenal glands. In a thoughtful society with a foundation for ethical reflection, this kind of presentation would be rejected out-of-hand and its creators excoriated for their foolishness. But in today’s world, this kind of velvet-gloved hate-mongering is wildly popular, and wildly successful.

Church History (Updated)

The audio of Dr. White’s lectures on church history from this past week are online. Here are links to each lecture:

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The video for each lecture is now online here

Thank you Flatirons Baptist Church for hosting this series of lectures.

If James wet your appetite for church history, you may want to check out Silent Witnesses: Lessons on Theology, Life, and the Church from Christians of the Past, by Garry J. Williams or Carl Trueman’s Histories and Fallacies: Problems Faced in the Writing of History.