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Total Insanity at the Start, then on to Important Issues about Secularism, Homosexuality, and Regeneration

Did a 75 minute program today, starting off with the looniest video I’ve ever seen aimed at me from a small Romanist cult up in New York.  Then we moved on to the “God Isn’t Fixing This” headline, an article on the TGC blog about homosexuality, and finally a brief review of Paul Copan’s article on regeneration and faith.  Enjoy!

Here is the YouTube link:

Radio Free Geneva: Hinduism, Racism, and Calvinism

Well, I need to warn you ahead of time: Rich surprised me with a new, uh, shall we say, powerful version of the Radio Free Geneva theme.  I had not heard it till today!  So that got us going for a review of the outrageous article that appeared on the SBC Today website on July 20th by Dr. Coxe of the First Baptist Church of Pryor, Oklahoma.  This reprehensible example of Anti-Calvinist Derangement Syndrome should be pulled and an apology posted in its place—but I doubt those in charge of the SBC Today website would have the temerity to do the right thing in this case.  We also spent a few minutes toward the end of the hour looking at the comparison of Calvin and Herschel Hobbs provided by Dr. Rick Patrick, also on the same website.

Here is the YouTube link:

Yes, Perry, Hebrew Has Multiple Words that Mean “Command”; and Uber Confident Devin Rose Demands I Own a Time Machine

Spent most of the hour today analyzing Perry Noble’s Christmas Eve sermon—which he seems to believe he was commanded to preach by God in some revelatory fashion—wherein he gave us a new, improved, and oh so much more friendly set of Ten Commandments—now the Ten Promises.  All because some guy he knows in Israel told him there is no word for “command” in Hebrew.  Then we took a look at a video by Devin Rose, lay Roman Catholic apologist, wherein he claims he “destroyed” my book, Scripture Alone.  I was even proven guilty of dodging all of his arguments in his book!  Of course, my book was published ten years before his, but let’s not get picky here.  I then wrapped up and went directly onto The Line of Fire with Michael Brown, discussing NT textual issues.

Here is the YouTube link: