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Using technology to God’s glory

Digital Resources: Books By Dr. White

I have quite a number of digital books on my computer. Most of you are probably familiar with Bibleworks, Logos, and Libronix. I recently found a software package that includes book add-ons of Dr. White’s books, as well as some other texts I use frequently.

Digital books by Dr. White
The Forgotten Trinity
The God Who Justifies
Mary- Another Redeemer?
The Roman Catholic Controversy
The Same Sex Controversy
Debating Calvinism: Five Points, Two Views

Other Helpful Resources

David King
Holy Scripture: The Ground and Pillar of Our Faith, Vol. I
Holy Scripture: The Ground and Pillar of Our Faith, Vol. III

William Webster
Holy Scripture: The Ground and Pillar of Our Faith, Vol. II
The Matthew 16 Controversy: Peter and the Rock
The Old Testament Canon and the Apocrypha
Roman Catholic Tradition: Claims and Contradictions

Thank You, Thank You

   Rich just informed me that we have reached our goal and will be able to order the audio/video computer. My sincerest thanks to all who participated. I hope as you see the videos going out and read about people being blessed thereby that you will feel a part of what we are doing here.
   I would like to also thank you for providing the two volumes of Origen’s commentaries as well. They were purchased this morning from my ministry resources list. I look forward to being able to check some important assertions against these resources in preparation for the upcoming debate.

This Is Just Amazing (If You Are a Geek)

   OK, I have joined the legions of mind-numbed zombies with a Blackberry. I must admit it is the most amazingly well designed, intuitive electronic device I have ever used. It is the closest thing I will probably ever have to a secretary. Just amazing. So, I’ve been looking to put juts a few things on it to increase its usefulness since it will be the one item with me at pretty much all times. I am not looking to replace the massive library of stuff I have on my Palm, as that will continue to function as before. But there are times you just want to “go light,” so I’ve put a Bible on it, for example, and a few utilities. Well, last evening I saw a section called “religion” so I started looking around, and found the “Quran Reader Pro.” I have a number of Islamic programs on my computers, such as Al-Alim, but I am amazed at the capabilities of this program, including search functions in Arabic! Of course, I should probably avoid standing in line at the airport using it, but it is a great addition to my library of resources. I have used the Qur’an on my Palm a dozen times while giving presentations all across the country and in the UK. I have a limited amount of memory, and as I noted, am not looking to replace my Palm, so it is just a matter of “what you might need in a flash” as to what I load on the Blackberry. I will probably put the LDS Scriptures on as well since I have that in the MobiPocket edition. Geeks press on!

Hey, Live Blogging!

   Bummed you aren’t with us in Orlando? Missed seeing me shaking hands with John Shelby Spong in the corridor just now? Well, keep a stiff upper lip, bucko! The geeks amongst you may rejoice! There will be live blogging from the conference! Yes indeedy, proving that our folks are uber-geeks, some who are attending the event have put together, and they will be blogging live as the conference and debate progresses! So tonight, when Tom Ascol and I do our “What We Wish the Students at Liberty Could Have Heard” presentation, you’ll be able to catch the action…not exactly live, in the sense of a live audio stream (someday, someday), but you’ll be able to follow via that blog! So bookmark it and join in the experience of our national conference in Orlando, even if you aren’t here! And pray for us as well as we seek to honor the Lord, and defend His truth!