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Out of Mormonism

Dear A&O ministries,

    I have been very fond of this ministry for at least a decade now. I began my “religious” experience back when I became a member of the LDS church in high school. Some friends and myself were attending a general conference when I had ventured to cross the street to get some lunch at the nearby mall. A lady was handing me a tracts near the temple square sidewalks which contrasted Mormon grace and Christian grace. On the way back from our trip, heading to Idaho, I had a chance to ponder what was on that tract. I didn’t ever see that tract again, since I think a friend of mine had discarded it. However, it was enough to get me thinking about salvation.

    Sometime after that, after I had determined that the LDS church was false, I had become saved through reading some Josh Mcdowell materials. My thirst for spiritual knowledge was huge, and I tried to get my hands on any books that talked about the cults, and apologetics. I began reading Hunt (on Mormonism), and Geisler (on general apologetics) and continued to grow (in some areas) in my faith. During this time I still had a desire to revisit and study salvation. During this time I had been a member of a Church of God 7th day church. I believe to this day I was saved during that time, but didn’t understand some things about salvation. I believed one could lose his salvation and wasn’t sure about the nature of the Godhead. The materials on A&O’s website, and the book The Forgotten Trinity helped me to firmly understand what was meant by the Trinity, thereby preventing me from accepting the COG 7th-day teaching that God was a two-personal being. Near the end of my time at that church, I had left for reasons of disagreeing over the teaching of eternal security, which I had come to realize was true, through various A&O materials, and bible study. Although I had left, the pastor at that church did confess he was wrong about the Godhead and embraced the Trinity through various dialogues we had. I remember the pastor mentioning after having borrowed my copy of The Forgotten Trinity that it was “real heady”! 🙂

     As I continued in my Christian growth, I continued in my admiration for Dr. Geisler and Dave Hunt. As I observed over time their various dialogues and debates with James White, I began to wonder about James.   I thought perhaps that James was just real arrogant. I thought that maybe the reason Geisler wouldn’t debate him was because James was making a big deal over a minor issue of doctrine as it related to God’s sovereignty in Salvation. Admittedly, I was only reading Dave Hunt’s sections in Debating Calvinism, and Geisler’s Chosen But Free. I did have a copy of James White’s The Potter’s Freedom but mainly for the purpose of giving the appearance that I was an “open minded” guy. God is faithful however. He continued to press me to the point where I had to fully study out the issue, and not just remain satified with the emotional rhetoric of Hunt, and the Thomistic-esque (if that’s a word!) syllogisms of Geisler. I approached TPF thinking that perhaps I could build my own argumentation that would allow for a good response to White. But there was one problem. The Spirit helped me to see that it wasn’t White I was battling, but God’s word, and God himself. White’s work in TPF cut through my empty logic, my pride, and ultimately my arminian system that I wore so proudly. I still pray that Geisler would debate James, and that Hunt would give him a real debate.

    Today, I am currently working toward the goal of becoming a pastor and would like to perhaps plant a church. I have had many dialogues with Mormon missionaries, Jehovah’s Witnesses, Catholics, and now Arminians. God has used these times to deliver some Mormons, even allowing me to give a presentation of the Trinity to a family of Jehovah’s Witnesses and more!

    I am truly so very grateful to God that I have been delivered through so much false teaching, and that A&O ministries has been there beside me through this whole crazy thing! To the staff of A&O ministries. You guys will perhaps never know in this life how many people you have equipped for ministry, and how God has used you all to help those in error to see His truths.


More Great Encouragement from a Brother in the Lord

Your debates and teaching on the sovereignty of God helped me over the years to come to the confident conclusion of the Reformed position on election. I enjoy the Dividing Line and the podcast. My son, now an adult, also listens to your debates and gets your books. I don’t see how you keep up with all the work. I enjoyed reading about Summer’s encounter with her professor. As a former high school teacher I was happy to see that she stood up to him. Bravo! At the age of 61 God called me into the pastorate and role models like you and John MacArthur encourage me to fight the good fight for the integrity of the Word and expository preaching. Thank you very much. May the Lord continue to bless.

Encouraging Believers

Dear aomin team,

Congratulations on your 25th anniversary!

I got to know about your website a year or more ago, and its been such a blessing to me.
I work as an IT Analyst and love to defend my faith with people of various ethnicities and varying levels of intellectual interest.
And being a 5 year old Christian, there are times when I’ve struggled with tough questions in the Bible myself.

Throughout these tough times, I’ve found support, information, help and encouragement on your website and your chat.
Earlier, I followed a more evidential approach to Apologetics, but all along, I knew there was something missing.
After my acquaintance with your ministry, I’ve begin to ground all my thinking down to Scripture.
Ever since I was touched by the Lord, I have been really fascinated by the account of God’s sovereignty in Romans 9 and I didn’t know that there
are people who believed just what Paul was saying – God controls salvation, period. Now I’ve found you guys and its been so good!

I’ve enjoyed your books, your mp3s and everything I can get my hands on.
I pray that the Lord will make you guys more fruitful and use you to reach people in the Middle East!

I want to learn Greek and Hebrew and Latin and just about anything that will make me a skilled handler of God’s Holy word.
So, do pray for me.

p.s: Mutato! Love to you dude!


Dear Dr. White,

Thank you, first of all, for providing this opportunity to us so that we may express our thoughts. Should these ever be made public, I can’t wait to read the ones from all those who have faithfully called the Dividing Line at your invitation. You know, Tim Staples, Jimmy Akin, Steve Ray, Art Sippo, Patrick Madrid etc. I also look forward to reading the words of love from Dan Barker, Gail Ripplinger and Peter Ruckman. All these have come to greatly appreciate you and your ministry. I have no doubt that George Bryson, Dave Hunt and D.A. Waite will voice their appreciation also. In fact, Ergun Caner MUST have been just as eager to respond as he was to engage in that memorable Calvinism debate.

I’m certain there are many I’ve neglected to mention but no doubt I will be rejoicing as they make themselves known.

As for myself, in order to never miss a thing, over the last four years I use as my homepage. Yes, sir, each and every day I am greeted by you as I embark upon my online experience. Why have I done this? In all seriousness, it is because I have grown to love and respect you. Like others, I could write several paragraphs on the impact you have upon my individual Christian life. But it is because of the breadth of your work that I hold you in as great esteem as those who are considered the historical giants and pillars of our Christian Church. I have learned much from those men of years gone by but as we are privileged by God to have the same caliber of men in our own day, please know your contributions have brought clarity and understanding. I am convinced if there were to be a true modern day Reformation, once the history of this day were written in the ages to come, your name would be spoken of in the same breath as any of the greatest of our Reformation/Puritan forefathers. And I have heard you say this is your desire; to leave behind a body of work that will benefit and enhance future generations of Chist’s own church. As God has already granted this to you, may He also grant you length of days.

I am saddened as I hear those who will slander and deride in order to enhance their own supposed stature and audience. Yet you handle such things with grace and temperance. I know the difference when men selfishly and egotistically promote their own views and agendas and when they simply wish to honor truth with proper humility. I have at times purposely tried to hear you as these accusers describe and I must say you are continually above reproach.

Lastly, your sense of humor in the face of much provocation while never being dismissive concerning the serious nature of your task is most winsome. See, folks…Christianity CAN be entertaining while being educational! Just listen to Dr. James White and you’ll see!

May God continue to grace you with soundness of mind and may we as the Church be ever thankful to Him for AOMin.

A Really Encouraging Note

Dr. White and Rich,

I’m about to graduate from seminary and its all because of you Dr. White. Because I admired you and your ministry so much, the moment I heard you say [several years ago] that learning Greek and Church history have proven to be the most valuable “tools” of you apologetic ministry, it inspired me to learn Greek as well. Now some 4 years later [after taking the Greek and Church history courses I decided to pursue a degree] iI will graduate this academic year. Thank you for your courage, your diligence, your hard work, and faithfulness in proclaiming, defending the truthfulness of God’s word; and in fulfilling His call on your life. You are truly a blessing to all of us who wish to grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Also, thank you Rich for your “behind the scenes” work and technical support you have given Dr. White over the years. May God bless you both.

PS: God has a remnant of black people [small as it may be] who want, desire, and appreciate sound teaching when they hear it.

More 25th Anniversary E-Mails

“I have been a Christian for almost seven years now and next to my parents and early Sunday School experiences, Dr. White has had the largest influence on me and my Faith; I was introduced to the Doctrines of Grace through “The Sovereign Grace of God” and “The Potters Freedom” when I was only a year old in the Faith and that has made all the difference in my growth. It was these books that were instrumental in the growth of my roommates faith my sophmore year of college and the small reformation that was touched off later that year in a school were the “Emergent” style of Christianity dominated.

Both in school (I am a theology major at Dordt College and pursuing seminary.) and outside of it, Dr. White’s work has been of great use to me. I have referenced him in my papers and speeches and have given his books and audio recordings away to friends seeking answers on the tough issues of the day. The Lord has done a mighty work through this brother in the Lord. I can honestly say that I would not be the man I am today without the proclamation and defense of the Gospel from Dr. White and Alpha and Omega Ministries.

Thank you so much and May God continue to bless you and Rich, your families, and Alpha and Omega Ministries!


Twenty five years of ministry is quite an accomplishment, Dr. White, but more than that, it is a testimony of God’s grace and mercy, and that is a wonderful thing to behold!

Although I have only been aware of Alpha & Omega Ministries for a short time, I could discern from the beginning your love for God and His Word. Your God-given passion, with which you use to defend the truth, is awe inspiring!

I praise God for this ministry, and the way the Lord has used you, Doc. I have listened to you explain seminary level information in a way that a 15 yr old can understand, or in my case, a homemaker & college drop-out. 🙂