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A Deep and Abiding Love of the Deep Truths of God

I first encountered Alpha and Omega several years ago, when looking for apologetics resources. I freely admit that I was a young, ignorant and theologically shallow wannabe apologist, with a heart to defend the faith, but none of the knowledge or theological depth required to do so. Due to the patient teaching (and often correction) of Dr. White and the men and women he has surrounded himself with, I’ve come to an understanding of the doctrines of grace, and been granted a deep and abiding love of the deep truths of God – the theology necessary to truly defend our God, and His Word. Further, I’ve been exposed to such a wide variety of works, authors, fields, disciplines, and apologetic arenas, I can honestly say that there is no better training ground in apologetics and applied theology than at the feet of Dr. White, Rich and the other people peripherally involved in his ministry. I’m now working on church history and apologetics classes for my own fellowship, and seeking to pass on what I’ve learned! I’m deeply indebted to Dr. White, and all of his faithful companions in the ministry of the Word of God – and I look forward eagerly to the day where I am allowed to witness Christ bestowing upon him the crowns he has been graciously gifted to earn, along with a hearty “well done, good and faithful servant.” He is truly an exemplar of Titus 1’s description of the faithful overseer, and carries out 1 Peter 3’s injunctions as we all should aspire to do. We owe this man, and his faithful fellow-bond-servant Rich, a great deal for their faithful, and usually unknown service on behalf of the Kingdom of our Lord.
May they continue to be richly blessed by God through us, as they bless us through their ministry.


Former Open Theist

At one point in time I truly had a great deal of disdain for the Reformed view on just about any Christian doctrine you can think of. I was a self-avowed Open Theist and got most of my theology from that end of the spectrum as well as Dave Hunt and his Berean Call. Reading, “What Love Is This?” changed all that and sent me on a search that led me to where I have been these past 4 years: A full fledged 5 Point Calvinist, Amillennial, Orthodox (Partial) Preterist.

In these past 4 years, I have benefited immensely from your ministry. It has given me a greater appreciation for just how unique the Christian faith is in comparison to the religious systems of the world. I now have a fully realized view of Scripture and the authority of such in the believers life. Christianity is not simply a set of doctrines and do’s and don’ts anymore, it is the full demonstration of God’s Spirit and His undying Grace towards undeserving sinners, of which I am chief (ht: the Apostle Paul). The Christian faith, especially in it’s Reformed configuration, is truly beautiful to me. I have your ministry and your unwavering defense of the faith to thank for that deeper appreciation of Christ and His work.

May the Lord continue to bless your labors in the harvest and sustain your work for another 25 years,


Another “Out of Africa” Note

Congratulations on your anniversary which is evidence of God’s persistent and enduring grace in this ministry.

In 2003 I received a Dave Hunt audiopak and in it was a tape called “Debating Calvinism”. As an ardent free-willer and a flaming arminian I lapped the debate up and was enraged by Mr White’s argumentation. I was really angry as most arminian’s tend to get when they are confronted with the undiluted exposition of the doctrine of God’s sovereign grace in salvation. I lapped up the book “What Love is this?” and gave it to a friend who attended a church plant in Pretoria South Africa started and pastored by Joel James of Grace Community Church and the Master’s Seminary. An ongoing discussion lasting years ensued – he gave me a long-letter by James White in response to that book.

Eventually over time as God had mercy my views started changing and so did my theology. One day the penny dropped. As Spurgeon stated, it was almost like getting saved all over again. From an arminian Pentecostal I became a reformed Baptist and have since grown lapping up the richness of this evangelical tradition. From a Calvin-hater in spite of knowing nothing about him or his writings I became a “Calvinist” – not because of Calvin but because of Jesus, the prophets and the apostles. I started the Institutes (1536 version) last night and as an Italian ex-catholic I am enthralled at what I am reading from a young man saved in the midst of error and apostasy.

On behalf of myself and the others who have benefitted from your ministry in South Africa we wish you Godspeed and hope to see you here in the future. I will be forever grateful to James White for standing on scripture alone and leading me to a better understanding of my “Perfect Saviour who never fails and His Father who is greater than all”. I have recently got a pyromaniacs T-shirt from Phil Johnson and will have to add an aomin sweater to my wardrobe. I am thrilled to see you partnering PJ in this upcoming conference. I have been telling my pastor Tim Cantrell, also from the Master’s Seminary that we NEED both of you guys out here TOGETHER. Man, won’t have to take my Ritalin for weeks! We are busy involved in organizing a John Piper event that will co-incide with Rick Holland and the Resolved Team in 2009. We need the “Pyro” and the “Great White” hot on their heels to keep the flame burning!

Johannesburg, SA

A Greatly Encouraging Note from Indonesia

I am an Indonesian who live in Indonesia. I discovered your site around the year of 2000. Since the internet connection we had at the time was dial up connection I could only benefit from your writings. Nevertheless, they helped me a great deal in dealing with RCs, Islams, and Jehovah Witness.

Two years ago, we had better internet connection and thus I could benefit from the Dividing Lines and also your Youtube files and other large files. I downloaded them and in one case I trans(cribe-late) your debate with Hamzah Abdul Malik into Indonesian and posted it on my blog. Your most recent material that I benefit is the materials on ‘I AM statement’. In my most recent discussion with Islam they are forced to admit that Jesus did explicitly claim that He is GOD. This is quite an achievement because this is one of the most common objections we face here that has been so difficult to defeat.


A Trophy of Grace

   I am a 6 time arrested convicted felon and former i.v. drug user, the Lord begin to draw me back in 1995, and after a long process of seeking various paths beginning with the Catholicism I was raised under, he providentially set me one night in 1997 right up front in a meeting with the one and only Dave Hunt! My disdain for Protestant preachers was high at the time, being raised in the town were Jimmy Swaggart ministries is located, but , my sister had promised me that this guy was not a preacher…….,and he gave a very convincing presentation of how you can trust the Bible to be what it claims to be,and then he told us not to take his word for it but to be like the Bereans and go home and study the Scriptures to find out for ourselves if these things were so. I did what he said, the Spirit moved, and I was born again.
   My wife was a third generation Mormon, and her grandfather, who served as a bishop, was trying hard to convert me , someone at my new church told me of your book, Is the Mormon my brother, and so, armed with the Scripture and your book, I was able to show my wife the error of Mormonism and she was led to Christ as well. Longer story, made short, in 2001 I surrendered to the ministry and started as and assoc. Pastor at a small So. Baptist church. After much study, weeping and gnashing of teeth, along with discovering your program, the dividing line, I became soundly, theologically reformed in 2003.
   I thank God for Alpha and Omega ministries, I have read many of your books Dr. White, and I listen to the Dividing Line regularly. As the most unlikely guy to wind up being a preacher that I know, and having absolutely no seminary training, your ministry along with others, has, and continues to give me my theological education, so I Praise the Lord for Alpha and Omega, keep plugging away, and know that your efforts are helping to produce what is clearly a resurgence of sound doctrine and theology all across our land.