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Presentations and Sermons from South Africa

I’ve been pretty busy down here in South Africa after the debate in Birmingham, UK.  The folks down here have been efficient in posting the talks and sermons, so since some of you are complaining about no Dividing Lines, well, take a listen to these!

Defining and Defending the Sola’s of the Protestant Reformation – Session 2

Defining and Defending the Sola’s of the Protestant Reformation – Session 3

The Lord’s Supper – 1 Cor 11:23-26

God Made Man and Woman. PERIOD. Then Back to William Lane Craig and Presuppositionalism

The first half of the program was prompted by the Presidential statement (Tweet!) on “transgenders” in the military and the reactions to it from the secular totalitarians.  What are the worldview implications and foundations? Then in the second half of the program we went back to the last portion of the comments made by Dr. William Lane Craig on the Eric Hernandez/Sye Ten Brugencate discussion on apologetic methodology.  Important, and hopefully useful, material on a jumbo (90 minute) edition of the program.

Here is the YouTube link:

William Lane Craig on Presuppositionalism, More on the White/Howse (Get It?) Controversy

Simply had to deal with William Lane Craig’s review of a debate on apologetic methodology at the start—we will be waiting further installments as this conversation continues.  Then I moved on to comment on the Janet Mefferd Show episode that aired Monday, Brannon Howse’s turning me over to Satan, etc. and etc.  Comments on 2 John 7-11 as well.  A mega (two hour) edition!

Here is the YouTube link:

Useful Idiot for Islamism? Or Adorning the Gospel of Christ? A Response to James Simpson and American Thinker

In light of the airing tomorrow of an interview with James Simpson, author of “When Evangelicals Become Useful Idiots for Islamism” (American Thinker, 6/24/17) on the Janet Mefferd Show, we did a special program for those who will be looking for information in light of that interview.  We went over the controversy and pointed out that Mr. Simpson’s article is riddled with self-created problems.  We hope this response will be helpful to those who honestly want to understand how we are to reach out to the Muslim people today.

Here is the YouTube link:

Yusuf Ismail and Deuteronomy, and Further Response to Abu Zakariya

Started off the program today with a little bit on the ongoing attacks upon A&O by the odd coalition of Christians and political types, and then reviewed some comments by Yusuf Ismail in a recent ABN debate with Usama Dakdok, specifically looking at portions of Deuteronomy—tough, difficult portions.  No ducking, no saying “Oh, that’s the Old Testament, we don’t have to worry about that.”  Then I moved back to a careful and hopefully useful interaction with Abu Zakariya’s work on Jesus.  A 90 minute program today!

Here is the YouTube link: