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We receive many requests for information that are not relevant to the focus of Alpha and Omega Ministries. We need to emphasize very strongly that it is not our purpose to take the place of the local New Testament Church.  Questions about eschatology, church discipline, faith healing, birth control, which translation one should use or how one might interpret a particular parable are not considered “apologetic” in nature.  We believe that these issues are more appropriately addressed by the pastor and elders of your own Bible believing church.

Our role is to assist the church in giving an answer to those groups that would “distort” the gospel of the grace of God.  Therefore, we can truly only address e-mails that are “on topic,” i.e., those that are relevant to the topics contained in the writings of James White, on our website, and in the debates and programs we have produced.

Lengthy e-mails are difficult to respond to in a timely manner therefore we have limited the field above to accept no more than 2000 characters. We ask that you keep your inquiry short and succinct so that we may respond to the heart of your concerns.  Additionally, questions and comments can be addressed in follow up e-mails so don’t feel that you have to write a book when initially contacting us.

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