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Pre-Debate/Conference Dividing Line

Spent most of the program talking about the upcoming debate with Trent Horn, Staff Apologist for Catholic Answers, and how I expect the argumentation to go, etc.  Then we went over the upcoming events on the trip, including the dialogue with Dr. Yasir Qadhi in the Memphis area, the Deep South Founders Conference, and my stop in Dallas for the premiere of Unpopular.

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A Potpourri of Topics on Today’s Dividing Line

Covered a wide range of topics today, starting with an odd statement by Dr. David Allen about Mother Theresa on Twitter.  Then we looked at the Episcopalians in Glasgow having a Muslim woman chant a portion of the Qur’an that denies central Christian doctrine as part of their services.  We then looked at how “faith leaders” blessed a Planned Parenthood abortuary.  Next we noted William Lane Craig teaching that man is a “co-actualizer” of the world with God, and then finished up with Rick Patrick’s SBCToday article calling for a political, rather than a theological, response to the rise of Calvinism in the SBC.  Quite a variety today!

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John 6 For Roman Catholics

Today we did a special Dividing Line of nearly two hours in length focusing upon walking through the sixth chapter of John.  Roman Catholicism teaches that Jesus taught transubstantiation in this chapter, but a fair reading of the text reveals otherwise.  This is a program we hope will be shared with many Roman Catholics.

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Coming on Tuesday’s Dividing Line: John 6 for Roman Catholics

On the upcoming edition of the Dividing Line, Tuesday, January 10th, at 1pm EST, I will be presenting “John 6 for Roman Catholics.”  This will be a live walk through the 6th chapter of John based upon the original language text.  And while one cannot help but deal with the central issues of the gospel in 6:35-45, we will continue on to make application and demonstrate that Jesus’ words concerning eating His flesh and drinking His blood, contextually, has nothing to do with Aristotelian philosophy and categories of being.  Was Jesus really teaching transubstantiation a thousand years before the term came into usage?  And did the disciples walk away because of that teaching?  Or was it something else, something made plain in the text, if one is but willing to listen?  I have challenged a couple defenders of Rome to do the same thing, to walk through John 6 and present their case.  The comparison and contrast, I would hope, will be helpful.  Join us!

Shameless Papist Pretensions Followed by Foundational Issues with Mike Licona

A tale of two programs today: I was going to briefly address a Roman Catholic on Twitter and that “briefly” became fifty minutes.  But then I switched over to a review of an interview with Dr. Mike Licona for a total of about 1:40 for the program today.

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