Dr. Licona Ignores Me; Alan Ruhl and the Roman Priesthood; Steve Tassi On the Non-Debate

Briefly commented on Dr. Mike Licona’s “I don’t pay attention to White” statement on Facebook—noting that just a few months ago he paid enough attention to promote a debate challenge from a fellow who was told by God to debate me on Calvinism.  Sorta ironic.  Anyway, spent the vast majority of the program responding to this article from Alan Ruhl, looking much more closely at the Roman priesthood and vitally important issues relating to the authority claims of Rome.  Finished off with a few brief comments on Steve Tassi’s recently posted comments on our non-debate.

Here is the YouTube link:

Was Mark Confused? Birth Narratives? Original Readings?

Did more than a Jumbo, but less than a Mega, today (1:45), responding to video clips posted by Yahya Snow mainly from the comments of Dr. Mike Licona wherein he said Mark was confused as to the location of the feeding of the five thousand, etc.  Lots of discussion of inspiration, inerrancy, synoptic issues, allegations of contradiction, etc.  Not an easy program to listen to while jogging I’m afraid, but important stuff!

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Responding to William Lane Craig on Roman Catholicism Then Brief Discussion of Anti-Reformed Rhetoric

Spent nearly 90 minutes listening to the entire presentation by William Lane Craig on Roman Catholicism.  No one can accuse us of misrepresenting him, to be sure!  A vital discussion of why the “Mere Christianity” movement is unbiblical, dangerous, and untenable in the long run.  Then a brief review of my trip to California this weekend, my attempted interaction with Pastor Steve Tassi, and then a quick review of Jacob Prasch’s most recent video hit piece.

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“The Romans 9 Debate:” My Reviews In One Place

I have had a number of questions lately about this debate and have found a need to put my review series in one place. So here they are.

By the way. Dr. Flowers has voiced great objections to my pointing out his behavior and methods in these reviews. Keep in mind, this was a review of the debate on the whole. Accordingly the performance of the debaters themselves is a necessary component of any meaningful review.


Australia and New Zealand

So the hoped for Hong Kong trip has moved a tad bit south….OK, all the way south to the next hemisphere, with a trip to Brisbane, Sydney, and Wellington, New Zealand, coming up very fast.  We pretty well destroyed the overseas travel fund with the South Africa trip, so I need to let you know of the need to cover the costs beyond those being borne by the host churches “down under.”  We hope to arrange at least one debate, and lots of apologetics teaching amongst the saints.  If you can help us make this possible, please do so!  We love getting these opportunities and have always found our listeners and supporters ready to help make it happen!