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Sola Ecclesia Preached by Robert Sungenis, and a Response to Robert Morey, et al.

Spent an hour going over Dr. Tony Costa’s debate with Dr. Robert Sungenis on the Immaculate Conception, and Tony was kind enough to join me to discuss how Sungenis proved our accusation of sola ecclesia over and over again.  Then I spent 45 minutes responding to recent untruths presented by Dr. Robert Morey and others.  Hopefully helpful thoughts on evangelism, consistency, and grace.

Here is the YouTube link:

A Little AHA, and a Long Review of a Roman Catholic Response on John 6

Spent a few moments discussing the antics of AHA (which continued through the program) and then played the entirety of a 14 minute response by Bob Sullivan to the “John 5 for Roman Catholics” episode we did a few weeks ago.  I had not watched it, so we got to watch it live!

Here is the YouTube link:

Pre-Debate/Conference Dividing Line

Spent most of the program talking about the upcoming debate with Trent Horn, Staff Apologist for Catholic Answers, and how I expect the argumentation to go, etc.  Then we went over the upcoming events on the trip, including the dialogue with Dr. Yasir Qadhi in the Memphis area, the Deep South Founders Conference, and my stop in Dallas for the premiere of Unpopular.

Here is the YouTube link: