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Alpha and Omega Ministries, Inc is a
501(c)(3) Non Profit Organization
Donations are fully tax deductible*


Online Bill Pay (preferred method)

If you use online banking you can setup Alpha and Omega Ministries as a payee using the following information. It is easy and you can set it to repeat the donation automatically or just one time. This method ensures that your entire donation goes to the ministry with no bank fees. You can change or stop the donations at any time right there in your online bill pay panel.

Alpha and Omega Ministries
P.O. Box 37106
Phoenix, AZ 85069-7106
Phone: 602-973-4602

Check or Money Order in the Mail

To send a donation in the mail use the address above.

Using Your Credit or Debit Card:

One Time Donation
Use the cart above to submit a one time donation with Credit or Debit Card

Automatic Repeating Donation:
Want scheduled automatic donations without having to remember every month? Setup a repeating donation using your Credit or Debit Card above.

Alpha and Omega Ministries Donations  and Privacy Policies

Cash contributions (donations), are fully tax deductible.* Contributions made to Alpha and Omega Ministries are accepted on the basis of good faith and are not refundable. 

Privacy: We are contacted every now and then by “fundraising” organizations wanting to sell us their mailing list. We have to chuckle at this practice, where do all of these names come from? We have no interest in pursuing these kinds of ideas. When you give us your personal information by giving a donation of any kind, that information stays here. It is considered PRIVATE and nobody else’s business, period. We do not give out your information for ANY reason, excepting a legal subpoena. No fine print, no double talk, that’s it!

Thank you for supporting this ministry!
*Amount is limited to no more than 50% of your adjusted gross income. See IRS pub 526 page 13 under the topic “Limits On Deductions” for more information.

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