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Preaching Jesus on the Jersey Shore

This is a brief clip from the street preaching ministry here in Jersey. I was told that this most recent preaching tour was more hostile than typical because people feel more emboldened to be intolerant toward Christians after the Supreme Court ruling on gay marriage. Nevertheless, a fellow came up to one of the preachers at the end and asked him, “How can I be saved?” Let’s remember that open-air preaching is the normative biblical means by which the Gospel is proclaimed to the lost.

Street Preaching the Gospel to Muslims in Birmingham England

preaching to muslims

Robert Parker shares his recent street-preaching trip to England.

Just a quick break down of my mission trip to Birmingham England. Statistics say more children are born to Islam than Christianity in Birmingham England. A team of preachers and myself across the states and England was led by Dale Mcalpine. We had a great opportunity to preach the gospel in this town at the city center. As an American I have never seen so many Muslims handing out booklets as well as the Koran. They had loud speakers preaching against the deity of Jesus. It was a perfect opportunity for us to set up and preach the gospel. So we set up our loud speaker and began to preach. Little by little people would stop and out of nowhere a large Muslim congregated in front of us. I noticed when I was preaching the Muslims standing in front of me were like deer in headlights. It seems as if they were hearing the gospel for the very first time. There were a few heckling here and there especially the Muslim women. But generally they were listening and taking in the preaching. As the day went by I noticed a lot of oppression going on in this community with the Christians. They were very happy we were there and some even had tears in their eyes. The vendors were telling us that we don’t have to pay full price because we were the ones preaching the gospel, and they thanked God for us being there. Before the day ended Christians came by and asked if they could hand out tracts or hold biblical signs saying Jesus is God. It seemed liked the Christians in that town gained some hope and confidence before we left. One even told us we don’t know how any of you guys didn’t get attacked. But we are so happy you are here. It was a blessed day preaching the gospel and the deity of Christ. I could never have imagined how many Muslims heard the Biblical Gospel. They knew before they left that their works cannot save them and that they needed a Savior.