Radio Free Geneva: Finishing Up John Lennox and John 6, Briefly Enduring Andrew Sluder’s Twisting of Scripture

Two very different portions of a more than 90 minute program today! First we got back to John Lennox’s book, Determined to Believe and its attempt to deal with John 6. We spent most of our time here, as it is invaluable to see how tradition can impact and, in a few places, completely overthrow the direct content of the text itself. Then after more than an hour we moved, briefly, to listening to a video from IFB, KJV Only preacher Andrew Sluder, “Calvinism is HOGWASH,” where we learned that we are only partly saved, and we are not adopted as the sons and daughters of God “until the rapture,” and a few other only semi-humorous things.

A Jumbo-Mega Edition of the Dividing Line (Two Hours 45 Minutes)

Started off with the D. Wade debacle and the influence of the world’s insanity on “transgenderism.” Then we started a movement to have Francis renamed “Francis the Marxist” (it has a ring do it, I think). Mentioned the ecumenical “Mass” being held in St. Pierre, Calvin’s old haunts, and then got to the real topic of the day. We played portions from a single very long (3 hour) discussion of textual issues (Part 1 found here, part 2 found here) discussion of textual critical issues by Dr. Peter Gurry, James Snapp Jr., and Dr. Jeffrey Riddle, from the Talking Christianity–Apologetics YT channel. This is a very important discussion as it truly exposes the circular nature of the TR Only position as it is being promoted today.

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Coming Up on the Dividing Line Today at 3pm EST

D. Wade is woke, so D. Wade cannot help his son navigate the absurdly wild messages of today’s woke culture. So watch the media fawn all over his “powerful message,” which is actually nothing more than a capitulation and surrender to the self-destruction of gender confusion. A true tragedy. Then, did you hear tax cuts are sinful? Yeah, Pope Francis the Marxist says to (I think he should just adopt that name since that is how he will be remembered by history). And yes, that sound you heard recently was Calvin spinning in his grave as the ecumenical caretakers of the building in which he preached allowed the Roman mass to be said therein. And finally, I would like to welcome Dr. Peter Gurry and James Snapp Jr. to my world. Their recent attempt to reason with Dr. Jeffrey Riddle had me sitting back going, “Yup, been pointing that out for years now.” We will spend a good bit of time reviewing. Join us!

Peckham v. Oord: When You Lose All Biblical Balance

I am working hard to find the proper way to describe this interaction. I listened to most of it this morning, not because I really have time to, but because I had to clean up/organize my DropBox folder, which had become a total mess, and that takes a little while. Let me just say that the Scriptures simply had no place in this discussion. That is not to say that every discussion has to be exegetical in nature. When Doug Wilson and I discussed Trinitarian issues in relationship to egalitarianism, etc., we were not doing a lot of specific exegesis. There is a place for such discussions. But when you have one of these two theologians repeatedly saying “God cannot do that” and “there is no place in Scripture where God ever acts alone (Isa 44:24 anyone?), one is truly left listening to personal opinions of tiny creatures rather than any kind of meaningful discussion based upon the highest view of Scripture as divine self-revelation. So if you want to see what you are left with when you wander off into the philosophical wasteland of “viewing the Bible in a much different way than Jesus did,” this is a program for you. Do I need to even point out that 1) there isn’t a shred of basis for thinking any prophet or apostle ever viewed God like these men do, or 2) their views are utterly incapable of grounding any kind of apologetics whatsoever? I hope not. Educational, to be sure, in the sense that learning about process theology (one of the two is very close to that viewpoint) in seminary was educational. But as my professor (who was light years to my left) pointed out in even describing process theology, “Of course, the main objection to this viewpoint, fascinating as it is, is that the god of process theology bears very little resemblance to the God of the Bible.” Exactly.