More 25th Anniversary E-Mails

“I have been a Christian for almost seven years now and next to my parents and early Sunday School experiences, Dr. White has had the largest influence on me and my Faith; I was introduced to the Doctrines of Grace through “The Sovereign Grace of God” and “The Potters Freedom” when I was only a year old in the Faith and that has made all the difference in my growth. It was these books that were instrumental in the growth of my roommates faith my sophmore year of college and the small reformation that was touched off later that year in a school were the “Emergent” style of Christianity dominated.

Both in school (I am a theology major at Dordt College and pursuing seminary.) and outside of it, Dr. White’s work has been of great use to me. I have referenced him in my papers and speeches and have given his books and audio recordings away to friends seeking answers on the tough issues of the day. The Lord has done a mighty work through this brother in the Lord. I can honestly say that I would not be the man I am today without the proclamation and defense of the Gospel from Dr. White and Alpha and Omega Ministries.

Thank you so much and May God continue to bless you and Rich, your families, and Alpha and Omega Ministries!


Twenty five years of ministry is quite an accomplishment, Dr. White, but more than that, it is a testimony of God’s grace and mercy, and that is a wonderful thing to behold!

Although I have only been aware of Alpha & Omega Ministries for a short time, I could discern from the beginning your love for God and His Word. Your God-given passion, with which you use to defend the truth, is awe inspiring!

I praise God for this ministry, and the way the Lord has used you, Doc. I have listened to you explain seminary level information in a way that a 15 yr old can understand, or in my case, a homemaker & college drop-out. 🙂