The Marian Dogmas

James Cone’s Children, Then In-Depth on the Immaculate Conception

Spent just a few minutes at the start on the video of a black Baptist pastor applying the words of Isaiah 53 to John Lewis, explaining how this is perfectly consistent with Black Liberation Theology as developed by James Cone. Then got into a lengthy church history segment focusing...

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Ahmed Deedat

Shabir Ally


Last Program for a Week—Enjoy!

Covered a wide range of topics today. Started off with Tim Keller’s tweets regarding voting and abortion, then moved into Anthony Bradley’s assertion that the Puritans would be alt-right racists in 2020. Talked a little about the CDC’s promoting critical race theory, and then read an article by a...

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Update/Addition to Bostock Decision Commentary, BLM’s Marxist Abuse of Language, Qur’anic Verbs

I forgot to address the presuppositional worldview issue relating to the Bostock decision on Tuesday, so I wanted to touch upon that, and then we transitioned into the play on words that BLM is using to promote Marxism under the guise of a sentence that actually only makes sense...

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King James Onlyism

Relevant Hit Piece, Targeting Home Schoolers, Acts 8:37

Responded to an article (hit piece) in Relevant Magazine once again on the “Jezebel” issue, looked at an attorney’s comments about homeschooling, and then looked at how King James Onlyism undercuts our ability to really defend Scripture, looking at Acts 8:37 using our Flip board in the “big studio.”...

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A Little Covid Madness at the Start, then the Hyper Skepticism of the TR Only Movement in Light of Mark 1:1

Read the Great Barrington Declaration and talked a little bit about my hopes that common sense will finally overthrow the tyranny that has entrapped most of the globe, and then completely changed directions and launched into a discussion of the wealth and value of the Greek manuscript tradition in...

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Bible Transmission


Conversion Bills, Great Reset News, Romans 13 Revisited

The title hard does it justice. Covered a lot of ground, including Bill C6 in Canada, the Victorian legislation in Australia, Jake Tapper tweeted an absurd hit piece on Tom Buck, Karen Swallow Prior vowing to never vote for a Republican again, LeCrae and non-partisan performances, Baylor collapsing to...

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Responding to JD Greear and Others, Tisby & Vischer, the Big Picture

Went a long time today (1:45) and covered a lot of ground. Started off responding to JD Greear’s joining of the “don’t point out the worldview of the new regime, and especially of Kamala Harris, stands directly in parallel with that of Jezebel, let alone proclaim that judgment will...

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The God of All Comfort

The Dividing Line

Theology Matters

Prayers for Kings

The following was originally a Twitter thread. In light of many threads today: ποιεῖσθαι δεήσεις προσευχὰς ἐντεύξεις εὐχαριστίας ὑπὲρ πάντων ἀνθρώπων to make petitions, prayers, intercessions, thanks, for all men (1Tim 2:1) followed by the inclusion of kings and those in authority. The string of nouns together with the...

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Witnessing Resources

Latest Debates

Does God Forgive the Unrepentant? – The Dubious Textual Variant, ‘Father, forgive them, for they do not know what they are doing’

A few years back I posted an article explaining the weak textual evidence of Luke 23:34a, “Father, forgive them, for they do not know what they are doing.” This week is Good Friday and many sermons will be using this verse, so I think it is appropriate to bring...

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Sola Scriptura

The Calvinist Club, Sola Scriptura, Purgatory

Went almost two hours today but it’s an important program. Started off responding to William Samuel Bruce’s comments about me being a part of the “New Calvinism.” Then we moved into a response to James Fox Higgins on the subject of sola scriptura, its definition and defense (really important)....

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Christian Worldview

Special Guest Tom Buck/1 Corinthians 1 and a Debate

We had our first “e-guest” in our new studio today, Dr. Tom Buck of the FBC, Lindale. We talked things SBC as well as about the book of Hebrews, how to preach it, who wrote it, etc. Then toward the end of the program I made some comments about...

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No Place to Hide: Responding to Dwight McKissic and Others

Looked at a bunch of stuff today, though mainly focusing on Dwight McKissic and his refusal to answer my direct question relating to Kamala Harris and officiating at a “profaning of marriage” ceremony. Also looked at a few other notables, such as Jory Micah. But kept it mainly to...

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Max Lucado’s Apology for Having Spoken the Truth, Ravi Zacharias Scandal, and Yes, Mildred, He’s a Postmillennialist

Went long today, so get a deep seat in the proverbial saddle! Spent quite some time on the Max Lucado debacle wherein he apologizes for having spoken the truth 17 years ago—a truth that is now “hurtful.” Then we moved on to the Ravi Zacharias scandal and developments therein....

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Roman Catholicism

The Papacy

Open Phones Dividing Line Friday

Let’s see what some of the topics were: Sam Gipp and “Antioch manuscripts,” the Church & Culture, Debating the Papacy, Justification and Roman Catholic apologists, how to talk to Christians who have bought into social justice theories, and more!

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