Why Celebrate the Reformation? Reason 187: Rome’s Marian Dogmas

Tim Staples and the Marian Dogmas

Epiphanius and the Bodily Assumption, Then Facts and Observations on the Continued Misrepresentations of the Yasir Qadhi Dialogue

Rome’s Real Claims to Revelatory Authority Illustrated by a Recent Convert

Obligated to Mythology: Modern Romanism’s Continued Exaltation of Mary in the Face of Biblical Truth and Historical Reality

Bryan Cross places the Cart before the Horse, Theologically Speaking (With Additional Commentary by James White)

Did Francis J. Beckwith Ever Leave the Tiber? (Part 3)

“We Have Apostolic Tradition”- The Unofficial Catholic Apologist Commentary #9

Assumptions and Shallow Arguments: Steve Ray and the Poor State of Catholic Apologetics (#5)

James R. White+

James R. White

“Enough. No more pearl casting for me, and no more dusty sandals.” –Michael Bauman

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