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The Bankruptcy of Islamic Apologetics Final

We close out this brief series–one I have found particularly interesting personally, especially in light of the uncritical use of scholarship by the wide spectrum of Islamic apologists–with a discussion of the final element of the “argument” borrowed from Bart Ehrman by Abdullah, cited last week, that regarding Theodore of Mopsuestia. Citations of early Christian […]

The Bankruptcy of Islamic Apologetics IV

In our last installment we quoted the source used (uncritically) by Islamic apologists, Bart Ehrman, regarding John 20:28. It needs to be understood (as evidently it is not by those citing him) that Ehrman is not foolish enough to try to argue that the original reading of John 20:28 is anything other than what we […]

The Bankruptcy of Islamic Apologetics (III)

Let’s briefly refute the assertions made by Deedat and Abdullah noted in the first post in this series. Note that Deedat repeated these errors ad nauseum: as far as I can tell, he never accepted correction on these issues, but repeated the same errors throughout his entire life.    1) “The context of the verse talks […]

Islam’s Apologetic Bankruptcy

I have been shocked over the past few weeks to realize that the best Mecca has to offer apologetically, particularly in reference to their attacks upon the Deity of Christ, fall far short of even that presented by our home-grown “Christian cults” like Jehovah’s Witnesses. This has been particularly clearly demonstrated in the comments I […]

A Quick Hello From the Front

   Not much time for anything but writing, but…    Miki says she will call the DL as long as I do not dominate the conversation with sophistry and anger. Yet, she has never listened to the DL, so, how would she know…oh, never mind. If you want an example of more of this kind of thing, […]