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Woke History and Critical Theory, David Allen and Romans 8, TR Only Mythology

Did a jumbo (90 minute) edition today starting off with the culture-destroying impact of critical theory and cultural Marxism. Then we moved on to an article by David Allen responding to those pushing back on his comments about the atonement and especially Romans 8:31-34. We finished up looking at some portions of Taylor DeSoto’s article […]

Joshua Harris’ Rainbow Adventure, Religious Freedom, Critical Theory, and the Founders Trailer

Spent some time looking at Joshua Harris’ swing into the LGBTQ world, then looked at issues of religious freedom, critical theory, and that whole area of rapid development.  Then I got into the Founders Trailer for “By What Standard,” developments since the program from Colorado, my complete face-plant error in not knowing any of the […]

Critical Theory in the Church, the “Transient Text,” and Open Phones

Discussed a pastor who asked a couple to apologize for theoretical ancestral racism (killed the church plant), looked a bit at Robert Truelove’s opening chapter on “the Transient text,” and then took phone calls on a wide variety of topics, including the blasphemy of the Holy Spirit.  Just over an hour in length.  And don’t […]

Refuting Bradly Mason’s Critical Theory Diatribe, Interacting on “Cultural Marxism,” Live from London

Did a Zoom based DL from London this evening (given we are using hotel wi-fi, I am pretty impressed with Zoom in comparison to Skype) reviewing the entirety of Bradly Mason’s Twitter diatribe accusing everyone who isn’t a devotee of critical theory of being supporters and promoters of white supremacy.  Actually did give a brief […]

Nearly Two Hours on Critical Race Theory, White Privilege, T4G, and More

Had to take the entire program today to cover developments since the MLK50 Conference and last weekend’s T4G Conference.  Nearly two hours on the entire Critical Race Theory/White Privilege/”Woke” Church movement.  Hope to take calls and get back to Ehrman, etc., on Thursday. Here is the YouTube link: Live Video Stream The Dividing Line is […]