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Refuting Bradly Mason’s Critical Theory Diatribe, Interacting on “Cultural Marxism,” Live from London

Did a Zoom based DL from London this evening (given we are using hotel wi-fi, I am pretty impressed with Zoom in comparison to Skype) reviewing the entirety of Bradly Mason’s Twitter diatribe accusing everyone who isn’t a devotee of critical theory of being supporters and promoters of white supremacy.  Actually did give a brief […]

Nearly Two Hours on Critical Race Theory, White Privilege, T4G, and More

Had to take the entire program today to cover developments since the MLK50 Conference and last weekend’s T4G Conference.  Nearly two hours on the entire Critical Race Theory/White Privilege/”Woke” Church movement.  Hope to take calls and get back to Ehrman, etc., on Thursday. Here is the YouTube link: Live Video Stream The Dividing Line is […]

Mega DL! P&P on the NS; Great Statement on Critical Race Theory; 80 Minutes in Response to Roman Catholic Video

A full two hours on the DL today.  Due to connection issues, we recorded “off air.”  First section we looked at a few comments from the “News Division” over at Pulpit and Pen on the Nashville Statement (wink, wink). Then we read through this excellent statement that was released last week on critical race theory […]

Teacher Fired for Encouraging Critical Thinking

   This story appeared on the CNN website today, once again illustrating how modern, popular science is less about critical thinking and more about toeing the line and not criticizing cherished beliefs. The school teacher involved, the article states, has a master’s degree in science, and yet had the audacity to provide “supplemental material” that showed […]

A Critical Assessment of the Graf-Wellhausen Documentary Hypothesis

Background While the church has, from its earliest days, recognized that the Old Testament is a part of her heritage, there has by no means been a consensus view with regard to its interpretation. Origen, and others of the Alexandrian tradition, favored an approach to Old Testament theology that saw the entire work as an […]