I have to admit, it is one of the most humorous comments I’ve seen in print, from a Calvinist anyway, in a long time. When Lance Quinn updated the work of Steele and Thomas, The Five Points of Calvinism for P&R, he expanded the book tremendously by adding a wonderfully useful bibliography. During the process he asked for not only my old books on the subject, but for information on how he could get hold of Debating Calvinism which was, at that time, in process of being written. I’m thankful he was able to include the book before his own work went to press. In the bibliography (90-91) we find the following:

Hunt, Dave, and James White. Debating Calvinism: Five Points, Two Views. Sisters, Oreg.: Multnomah, 2004, 427 pages.
This book grew out of James White’s response to Dave Hunt’s 2002 book, What Love is This? (see the annotation on The Potter’s Freedom, by James White, under “Articles in Reference Works, Systematic Theologies, Etc.” below). This book has a debate format and could well go down as the most lopsided debate in church history. Once again, as in What Love is This? Dave Hunt neither understands true Calvinism nor correctly represents classic Arminianism. If you want to see an excellent presentation of classic Calvinism, you will find it in James White’s portion of Debating Calvinism.

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