centuri0n started it. Really. It is his fault. But I took up the challenge. And I have a secret weapon. No, it is not Colin Smith (cds), though, he is British. And a vegetarian. No, it isn’t the Gobbler, though, he is a super hero…of some sort. No, it is not the Calvinist Gadfly, DeoVolente, though he still has all his hair. Jeff Downs is a likely suspect, but it isn’t even him. Nor is it TQ and his musical talents (in case you are wondering, I was just went through the main folks on this graphic from left to right, sorta). No, my secret weapon is that little guy down in the left hand corner. See him down there? Yeah, that’s Angelz. And when Angelz draws, people listen! So now, for the first time, the new Team Apologian graphic (which I managed to get inserted in the header even before I got home, though, not without a few difficulties!):

click here for full size image
   For all their photoshop magic, Team Pyro doesn’t have Angelz. It’s like…playing the Bulls when they had Jordan, you know? You could be good, but you were never good enough. Sorry, Phil, Frank started it. Love you guys!

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