Man, when you feel guilty for not having a full new blog article up one day, you have become blog addicted. So, I confess to blog addiction. But I do believe the next six months will break me of my blog addiction. I’m putting together the stack of books I need to master, and to say it is an impressive amount of material is to engage in gross understatement. But I do hope to get a continuation of either the Matthew 23 series or the Islam series posted later today, Lord willing, or early in the AM. Meanwhile, I have been listening to the mp3 of the interview on the White Horse Inn with Robert Schuller from…well, I don’t recall, but it was long ago. You can get it for any donation above $1.00 over at WhiteHorse Inn. All I can say is I’m glad it was Mike Horton who did that interview, and not me. 🙂

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