I am truly enjoying providing these video and audio clips on the blog, but, as most of you know, since A&O has a massive staff of…two, I am doing all of this on my own. I have two writing projects I must get done next week, so I am going to have to slow things down. I have a bunch of stuff already posted, so I am spreading it out and inviting the rest of Team Apologian to step up and fill in the blanks a bit as I will be heading to Massachusetts at the end of the month. What is coming up? Well, a few clips from the debate I did with Peter Stravinskas on purgatory that are well worth watching, a KJV Only clip, and then I have begun writing a quick series in response to Brian Flemming’s The God Who Wasn’t There. Yes, I know Ergun Caner has challenged Flemming and his group to debate. I’ve even been told they have accepted the challenge. Yes, I predict a train wreck. I can only assure you that my response to Flemming will be focused upon the facts of his allegations and that it will hopefully be a blessing to those who take the time to watch, and read.

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