Reformed Thomists?

Radio Free Geneva: Responding to Flame on Romans 9

Pale Blue Dots, Philosophy, Feser, and Mt. Carmel

When Words Just Don’t Mean Anything Anymore

Road Trip Radio Free Geneva!

Road Trip Debate Review, Quick Comments on Pallmann/Hess Review

Ed Shaw, Church Split, Provisionism

Another Road Trip DL with Commentary, Some Keller Response, and Enduring for the Elect

Live from GBTS with Jeff Johnson and Owen Strachan

Evanescent Grace

Road Trip Before the Storm

John 6 Rescued from Leighton’s Scissors, then Jordan Peterson’s Amazing Statement

Thoughts On Faithfulness in an Uncertain Future

Catching Up on the March of the Secular Monster

Covid Tyranny, then 1 Cor 10:13, John 12:32

James Dolezal’s Biblical Evidence for DDS

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