Pope Francis on Conservatives, LF on Being “Good,” and Adoniram Judson’s Letter to Ann’s Father

Christ is King, Yes, Yes He is!

Road Trip Morning Dividing Line

Wimpy, Weak and Woke: John Cooper Joins us to Talk About His New Book

Too Many Topics Today To Remember!

Quick Thoughts on Ohio and the Pope, then Continuation of Radio Free Geneva

Jeff Durbin on Ohio and Equal Protection, Muhammad Hijab’s Opening Presentation

A Twitter Theology Dividing Line

A New Low of Depravity, Wolfe on Dever, Anthony Bernabei Exposed

A Dividing Line I Cannot Summarize!

A Multi-Faceted Dividing Line

A Twitter Based Dividing Line

New Year “Laws” in California Show Deep Commitment to the Culture of Death

36 Republicans Vote with All Democrats to Join Senate in Telling God We Hate Him and His Ways

Denigrating Marriage, Worldview, Converting to Rome, Compromising Sola Scriptura

Pursuing the Enemy with CrossPolitic and Delano Squires

Roadtrip DL from Salt Lake City: Jackson-Brown and the Culture of Death

First Program on Odysee: Omicron Variants, SCOTUS Case, TROnlyism Again, Responding to Tim Stratton

Radio Free Geneva (90 Minutes), Further Topics

The Sacraments of the State

Two Live Reports from the SBC in Nashville

The President’s Plans

No Place to Hide: Responding to Dwight McKissic and Others

Conversion Bills, Great Reset News, Romans 13 Revisited

Relevant Hit Piece, Targeting Home Schoolers, Acts 8:37

Responding to JD Greear and Others, Tisby & Vischer, the Big Picture

Identity Christianity, Brandon Tatum and the Deity of Christ

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