A Remote Dividing Line Discussing Abortion, Gender Issues, and Then Transitioning to More IFB Craziness

Voting, Racialism, TGC Article, Chesterton’s Romanism in a Jumbo DL

Deedat, Adam Hamilton, ERLC, and the Pope

Isaiah 44:24 and the LDS View of God, More on the Book of Abraham, Open Phones

Ireland, Abortion, Andy Stanley, & the Foundation of Truth

Sam Harris and Bart Ehrman Chat Christianity, Open Phones on Many Topics

Pope Francis’ Inclusivism and the Little Boy Reviewed, Open Phones, Many Topics

The Religion of Moloch Lives, Lizzie Schofield’s Review of G3 Debate, S&K Swings and Misses Yet Again

Another Mega DL! Lots of Topics, Including P&P, Proud of Multiple Abortions, Muslim Arguments, KJV Onlyism

A Potpourri of Topics

Dr. Licona on Mark’s Confusion, Dr. Kirk’s Apostasy, and Nearly an Hour on Abolish Human Abortion

The March of the Totalitarians, BHI Craziness, Judging From Afar Rebuked

No Creator, No Humanity, or, Of Apes and Men

Various Articles and Open Phones

The Gospel of Thomas (1-39), Abortion Zealots, and the Ligonier Christology Statement

Two Articles on Homosexuality, the Profaning of Marriage, and the Church

A Mega Size Dividing Line: Matthew Vines, NT Wright, Yusuf Ismail, and More

This Letter Failed

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