Open Phones with Pastors James and Jeff

JD Greear, Homosexuality, Michael Licona, Certainty and Assurance

Marty Sampson’s Instagram Article, Faithfulness, and then 30 Minutes of Open Phones

D-Day in the History of Both World Wars then Using Presupposionalism in Apologetics

Voting, Racialism, TGC Article, Chesterton’s Romanism in a Jumbo DL

Brandan Robertson on the Death of Christianity, Jared Wilson and Galatians 2, Open Phones with Great Calls!

Dr. Mason’s The Woke Church’s Misrepresentation, Open Phones

Biblical Law and Justice, Tim Keller on SJ&G, 90 Minutes of Biblical Discussion of Presuppositionalism

Just Open Phones for 75 Minutes on the Dividing Line Today

Sam Harris and Bart Ehrman Chat Christianity, Open Phones on Many Topics

God Made Man and Woman. PERIOD. Then Back to William Lane Craig and Presuppositionalism

More on WLC and Apologetic Methodology (First Hour), Karlo Broussard on the Alleged Parallels Between Atheism and Sola Scriptura

A Mega Dividing Line with 50 Minutes of Open Phones

William Lane Craig, Andy Stanley, and Albert Mohler, Then, Surah 9, Islam, and the Changed Heart

Last DL for Two Weeks: Disastrous Papacy, Licona/Dillahunty Debate

WLC & Molinism then More from Russell Moore’s interview with Andy Stanley

And They Just Keep Getting Longer….


The Trendiest Current Fad in the Study of the Gospels and Historical Jesus: Social Memory Theory

Atheism; No Good Reason

New Books on Apologetics

Randal Rauser and then Hamza Tzortzis and Adnan Rashid on the Bible

Responding to Noah Adam’s Criticism of Jeff Durbin (with Jeff in Studio)

Movie Reviews, Kentucky Baptists, SQUIRREL!, Oh, Uh, and Ehrman


The Religion of Atheism

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