Christian Nationalism, Sacralism, and Christian Maturity

Secularism’s Insanity, then Credo’s Promotion of Scholasticism

Twitch Bows to Trans-Madness Mid Program

Maintaining Sanity in Today’s Insane World

Responding to Rome Including a Review of Indulgentiarum Doctrina

Lots of Topics on the DL Today

A Multi-Faceted Dividing Line

First Road Trip DL in NEW Mobile Command Unit!

What the Celebration of Perversity Tells Us, Then, Trent Horn and the Trajectory of Rome

A Twitter Based Dividing Line

TMS and DMCA, Why I Don’t Worship “A Particular Relational Inflection”

Road Trip Dividing Line: Gay Mirage, Mass, Biblicism

Travel Project Announcement, “What is Marriage?” Debate Review

Views on Homosexuality, Interaction with Lindsay on Gnosticism

Why You Can’t Have a Gas Stove, Then Mormonism 101—Part 1

New Year “Laws” in California Show Deep Commitment to the Culture of Death

Profaning Marriage, More on Joe’s Cookies, End of Year Giving

36 Republicans Vote with All Democrats to Join Senate in Telling God We Hate Him and His Ways

America Tells God to Get Lost/Divine Revelation Cannot be Limited by Men’s Philosophical Systems

Road Trip Dividing Line: Secularism’s Emptiness, the Richness of the Trinity

Some Insights for Home Schoolers and Whether Calvin Produced Anti-Trinitarians

Denigrating Marriage, Worldview, Converting to Rome, Compromising Sola Scriptura

Mormonism’s Capitulation, Open Phones with Great Calls

An Unplanned, Early Morning Dividing Line

Post Election Thoughts (Rebels Hate God), Van Til and the Use of Evidence (Matt Walsh)

Australian Birth Crash, Gospel Names, Exegesis and Theology

The Frankfurt Declaration/Responding to Craig Carter

Ninety Minutes of Biblical Exegesis and Theological Ruminations

Open Zoom Calls Road Trip Dividing Line

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