A Sorta Radio Free Geneva from the New Rig

Jimmy Akin Debates Upcoming, then Open Phones

RV News, Then Hebrews 1:10-12 and Dale Tuggy

The Marathon Ends: Final Road Trip DL (for Six Weeks Anyway)

Post Debate Road Trip Dividing Line: Flowers Debate Review

Road Trip Morning Dividing Line

Last DL in Phoenix Before Trip: Roman Catholic Arguments

Provisionist Palaver, Trent Horn on Argumentation, A Few Moments with Carl Trueman and Doctrinal Development

Francis’ Empty Hell, Brandan’s Empty Bible

End of the Year Dividing Line: General Cultural Topics, then TRBs.

Rutgers’ Racist Professor, More Muhammed Hijab, and the Neo-Socinian Nonsense Again

Road Trip Shorter DL: Conclusion of Longshore Response

Poor Jared…Yes, Back to the Response

A Little Francis, But Mainly Responding to Jared Longshore

Responding to a Roman Catholic Convert

Too Many Topics Today To Remember!

Eschatological Madness about Israel, Further Review of Muhammed Hijab

Quick Thoughts on Ohio and the Pope, then Continuation of Radio Free Geneva

Radio Free Geneva: Jason Breda on John 6, Part I

Dr. Downer Does Reformation Day, and Lots More

Zach Lambert’s Sermon Concluded

More on Relevant Islamic Beliefs, Response to Challenges from Islamic Debater

Final Road Trip DL for Now! Mainly a Review of a “Former Calvinist” and His Handling of Scripture

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