Apologizing for the Bible, Textual Critical Issues and the TR

Travel Project Announcement, “What is Marriage?” Debate Review

Road Trip Dividing Line: New Plans, Greear on the Church’s Failure, Fesko against Van Til, Preview of Radio Free Geneva

Open Zoom Calls on the Dividing Line

Views on Homosexuality, Interaction with Lindsay on Gnosticism

Comparing the meaning and application of “jot and tittle” from Matthew 5:18 with the assertions of Peter Van Kleeck

Denigrating Marriage, Worldview, Converting to Rome, Compromising Sola Scriptura

Aquinas as a Commentator, Doing “Theological Exegesis” on Matthew 24:36

6th Canon of Nicea, MBTS’s Triggering Book Display Examined

Leaked Roe, Cameron Bertuzzi and Isaiah 22

Road Trip DL from Salt Lake City: A Little Riddle, a Little Muller

Road Trip Radio Free Geneva: Frank Turek’s Anti-Reformed Video

Christian vs. Mormon Debate Review

Pale Blue Dots, Philosophy, Feser, and Mt. Carmel

When Words Just Don’t Mean Anything Anymore

Road Trip Radio Free Geneva!

Road Trip Debate Review, Quick Comments on Pallmann/Hess Review

Ed Shaw, Church Split, Provisionism

John 6 Rescued from Leighton’s Scissors, then Jordan Peterson’s Amazing Statement

James Dolezal’s Biblical Evidence for DDS

Two Responses, More Than Two Hours

A First For the Last Day of 2021!

Reviewing Reasonable Faith’s Comments

Simplicity, Molinism, and More

Aquinas Invades the Reformed Baptists, Tim Stratton Continued

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