Jason Wallace and Tobias Riemenschneider Guests: The Watertown Arrests

Some Voices from the Past, the Importance of Biblicism

New Video on Eastern Orthodoxy, Biblicism is “Cultic,” Dale Tuggy States His Position

A Nearly Two Hour Road Trip Dividing Line

What the Celebration of Perversity Tells Us, Then, Trent Horn and the Trajectory of Rome

Apologizing for the Bible, Textual Critical Issues and the TR

Road Trip Dividing Line: Gay Mirage, Mass, Biblicism

Open Zoom Calls Road Trip Dividing Line

WHO Treaty then Church History Is a Bit Messy

6th Canon of Nicea, MBTS’s Triggering Book Display Examined

Psalm 33 Refutation Concluded, Thoughts on Trinitarian Orthodoxy Over Time

Review of Today’s Totalitarian Nonsense, the Importance of History, Psalm 110, Psalm 12 and KJVOism

A New Open Phones Format Show!

ADE, More Litton, More Hanegraaff

Litton Becomes Biden, Todd’s Category Error, Hank Fictionalizes History

Responding to the ERLC on Religious Exemptions, Creating Variants, Hank Hanegraaff and Church History

The Episode to Treat Insomnia

Another Road Trip DL

A Packed Program

Rebuttal of Hank Hanegraaff on the Perpetual Virginity of Mary

An Incarnation Story (Prologue of John), Family Memories, Debate Challenges

WEF’s Utopia, Live Not By Lies, the Slick v. Shamoun Debate

Tons of Important Material Today!

Swimming the Tiber, Hosea 11:1 in the LXX, Frank Turek on Molinism

Woke Religion with Tim Keller, Fulgentius of Ruspe on the Hypostatic Union

James Cone’s Children, Then In-Depth on the Immaculate Conception

The Calvinist Club, Sola Scriptura, Purgatory

Dr. Jason Lisle of the Biblical Science Institute First Hour, Then Pope Frankie the Marxist Earth Day Hippy

Seb Goldswain, Big Brother Announces His Rulership, Leighton Flowers Goes Full-On Pelagian

Remembering LDS Outreach, Cyprian to the Martyrs in the Mines, Further Ken Wilson Examination

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