Scripture Memorization etc.

Gene Bridges, Anthony Bradley, Greg Johnson, Michael Heiser, and Bruxy Cavey!

Drawing the Lines: Matt Walsh, Serene Jones, Ron Underwood

“Those Who Hate Me Love Death.” —Godly Wisdom

The Gospels Reading Plan for 2019+

The Gospels Reading Plan for 2019

Dr. Mason’s The Woke Church’s Misrepresentation, Open Phones

Michael Kruger on Whether It Is a Waste of Time to Learn Biblical Languages . . .

Mega Edition of the Dividing Line: Andy Stanley, 3 Mormons, and a Bit More

Just Open Phones for 75 Minutes on the Dividing Line Today

The Danger of “Gay Christianity,” Islamicize Me Redux, a Bit More on the SBC

Vines/McDowell Dialogue, Encouraging Podcast, Calls on Today’s Jumbo Edition of the Dividing Line

Open Phones on the Dividing Line!

Setting the Record Straight: Dr. Michael Brown Our Special Guest

Remembering RC, Then, Refuting More Textual Traditionalism

Ephesians 4:29-32 Applied to Christian Communication, A Hack-Job Video, and Francis’ Unorthodox Views

Speaking the Truth in Love, Destroying Others, then Back to the Free Will Debate

Radio Free Geneva! Robert Jeffress, Roman Catholicism, the Reformation, and then Kevin Thompson on John 6 (Mega Edition)

Does God Forgive the Unrepentant? – The Dubious Textual Variant, ‘Father, forgive them, for they do not know what they are doing’

An Open Letter to Sam Shamoun

New Years Thoughts, God’s Decree, the Pope and Mary, ET Stalkers

Wood, Qureshi, Dunn

Psalm 101:3 and Worthless Things

Teaching Children to Love and Know the Truth

An Hour Long Discussion About What Matters: Freedom, Dividing Lines, Catholicity, the Lordship of Christ

Dr. D.C. Martin of Grand Canyon College: A Teacher, A Mentor, A Friend, A Christian

Definite Atonement & Antinomianism

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