Almost Mega Length DL with Five Major Topics

Worship in Spirit and Truth, Totalitarianism, Robert Spencer Retreads

Another Mega DL! Lots of Topics, Including P&P, Proud of Multiple Abortions, Muslim Arguments, KJV Onlyism

Mega DL! P&P on the NS; Great Statement on Critical Race Theory; 80 Minutes in Response to Roman Catholic Video

The Nashville Statement (First Hour), Racialism Dividing the Church (2nd Hour)

God Made Man and Woman. PERIOD. Then Back to William Lane Craig and Presuppositionalism

A Little Bit on Eugene Peterson, a Whole Lot on James Simpson

Cultures That Abandon God’s Light Lose that Light, Then Hebrews 1:3 Textual Critical Discussion

The Advent of Moral Anarchy

The Rebellion of Transgenderism, then, A Challenge Fulfilled

The Fullness of Time, America’s Hate Preachers Reviewed

The Hill to Die On, For There are No Other Hills

And They Just Keep Getting Longer….

More on Simple Truthfulness and Consistency, Steve Hays Melts Down, Quick Review of Oneness Advocate Steve Ritchie

Various Articles and Open Phones

Western Rush to Moral Anarchy and Paul Williams at Speaker’s Corner

Twitter Questions, The Boss, The Pope, and More Ethnic Gnosticism

Enns, Mouw, and the Foundation of Scripture

The Popes, Rachel Held Evans, Desiring God, Nabeel Qureshi on Unbelievable Mega Show

I Really TRIED to Talk About Other Stuff, But…Eventually…

Total Insanity at the Start, then on to Important Issues about Secularism, Homosexuality, and Regeneration

Movie Reviews, Kentucky Baptists, SQUIRREL!, Oh, Uh, and Ehrman

Numerous Topics Eventually Leading to a Return to the Brownson/Homosexuality Discussion

Debate Report Including Gagnon/Kirk Encounter

Youth Targeted Calvinism / Book of Romans Torn to Pieces in Service of “Gay Christianity”

James White’s Upcoming Appearances in South Africa

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