Demythologizing Scholarship: James Brownson Examined

Outlasting the Gay Revolution: Michael Brown’s New Book (Plus Some Fun Interaction Toward the End on Other Important Matters)

Seer Stones, Hillsong Church, and KJVOnly Deceitfulness

Two Articles on Homosexuality, the Profaning of Marriage, and the Church

A Mega Size Dividing Line: Matthew Vines, NT Wright, Yusuf Ismail, and More

Thoughts on SCOTUS and Phone Calls

A Mini-DL Report on the Dr. Drew Show

My Full Response to the Dr. Drew “After Show” Video

Thoughts on the Dr. Drew Show, ESPN’s Shame, and Continuing with Anjem Choudary

Our Move to SermonAudio, Robert Gagnon on Unbelievable; Anti-Calvinists Promote Heterodoxy; Calls

Finishing Up Review/Rebuttal of David Gushee “Reformation Project” Presentation

Responding to Dr. David Gushee’s “Reformation Project” Presentation

Adelphopoiesis – Brother Adoption, not Same-Sex Marriage

Lots of Things to Interest a Wide Variety of Folks

A Quick Plug…

In Studio Guest JD Hall Plus Rob Bell and Oprah (They Were Not in Studio)

A Wide-Ranging, Important, Jumbo-Sized Dividing Line!

The Vile Hate Mongering of Dan Savage+

The Vile Hate Mongering of Dan Savage

David Gushee abandons a biblical view of homosexuality

Dr. Gushee:  Your Moral Compass Just Exploded

NJ/NY Trip Details/Examining Carl Lentz on HuffPo

The Soft, Kind, Loving Face of Hate

A Wide Ranging Mega-Sized Edition of the Dividing Line

Response to the Video “Just People,” Followed by More Anti-Calvinist Derangement Syndrome

Ecclesiology, Response to Matthew Vines, And Almost a Third Topic…But Not Quite

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